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Thursday, June 3, 2021

What is a Lightworker?

 What is a Lightworker?

I have been doing Reiki healings for over 25 years. I am often asked ” What is a Lightworker? ” There is a basic answer to what is a Lightworker. A Lightworker is anyone who uses healing energy. Everything comprises energy and there are healing energies. A writer’s words can be called Lightwork if they help heal. We can consider anyone a Lightworker, if they use kind and healing words. This is a basic answer, “What is a Lightworker?”

What Type of People are Lightworkers?

People who are loving and compassionate are Lightworkers. Lightworkers often are empathic with a deep understanding of people, animals or the Earth. Lightworkers care very deeply for things. They try to help and protect the thing they are passionate about.

In my opinion, most people are Lightworkers. Most people have something they care about passionately. That one thing you would go out of your way for or to help. Some lightworkers are poets. Sharing their powerful emotions through their words. Gardeners are lightworkers, because they have a passion for the Earth and are helping to heal it by growing things.

Lightworkers are the people that go out of their way to help something or someone. Most people are lightworkers in their own ways. Lightworkers are the ones who are helping the world get through this crisis. They are the people who still went to work, the truck drivers, doctors, nurse, bus drivers, extra.

If you look around you, you will find a lightworker. You are most likely one yourself. Keep up the good work. 

Thank-you for reading. Much Love and light

Brenda Marie (The Spiritual Mystic)

Content by Brenda Marie Fluharty Clapp (The Spiritual Mystic) ©2021 all right reserved

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