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Saturday, September 24, 2022

What Is Intuition?

What Is Intuition?

The definition of intuition is “the ability to understand something immediately, with no conscious reasoning.” In other words, to have a complete understanding of everything as it happens. That sounds amazing, right? Who wouldn’t want more of that? Bridging of the gap between our conscious and unconscious minds.

It is my theory that intuition is the voice of our higher-self or God spark. You know the part of us that is still in Heaven and connected to God/ Goddess or whatever you call the Great creator. When it speaks to us, it goes through many filters. These filers are the voice of our shadow self. We must learn how to interpret our intuition from the voice of our shadow-self and/or ego.

Your Intuition Is Your Guide

Are you aware of your inner voice? Do you pay attention to it? (By the way, I’m not talking about the one who puts you down!) I’m talking about the one that softly whispers ideas and suggestions to you, the kind that the other voice might try to shut down, crying “Are you mad”!? This requires stepping out of our comfort zone, and that is to be avoided at all costs (even if the cost is living a life of mediocrity instead of the one of your dreams).

Sadly, the latter voice is the one most of us are aware of and pay attention to. The more gentle one, the one that is our intuition. Intuition is often ignored or sometimes not heard. The problem here is that it’s our intuition that really has our best interests at heart. Our shadow-self’s voice is louder, more aggressive. It has our welfare at heart too, but protectively. Sometimes the shadow-self’s voice is way too overly protective.

What’s wrong with protecting us? I know you’re thinking about that! Well, it limits us and ultimately erodes our wellbeing at a soul level. And believe it or not, that’s not good for our physical or emotional well being! If you’re unfulfilled at a soul level, slowly and imperceptibly you will develop a nagging feeling of general discontent which can have a rippling effect on your mood, self-esteem and ultimately your physical and mental health.

The gentle voice of your intuition will, if listened to, stretch you beyond your comfort zone, but never more than you are capable of. It will challenge you, but also support you. It always has your best interests at heart, at every level: physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually. Intuition will not only gently nudge you in scary directions, which will yield huge and unimaginable rewards, but it will also gently nudge you when it’s time to stop or turn around.

When you tune into your intuition and allow yourself to be guided by it, you will be surprised at how much easier formerly assumed challenges will become. And you will be surprised at how much good fortune lands in your lap. It is sometimes called synchronicity. You will soon notice how good it feels to be at ease with yourself and all your life experiences, even the ones you wouldn’t choose!

If you’re not used to listening to your intuition, learning to tune into it will require time and patience. At first, you may be unsure which voice is which. Your shadow-self’s voice is often sounds very reasonable, and using your intuition is very much like using your physical muscles. You need to use it regularly in order for it to be in the shape you want.

Getting to Know Your Intuition Better

So how do you get to know your intuition better? Start to watching your hunches, feelings, and ideas that pop into your mind. Pay attention to the voice that accompanies it. What does it sound like? Is it gentle, positive, supportive?

If it’s aggressive, domineering, or using scare tactics, it’s more likely to be your shadow-self’s voice. If you’re getting a feeling of warning and it is loud and threatening one, that is usually the shadow-self’s voice. Intuition is more like an insistent knowing. You just know. You may not be sure how you know, but you have a strong feeling of knowing.

The scary thing about trusting your intuition when it’s new to you is that it’s not based on logic and often what it suggests to you cannot be justified logically. But with practice and trust, you’ll learn to know when something is the right thing to do and is in your best interests. It’ll be easier to shrug off your own shadow-self’s voice and other fears for your best interest.

The key to developing this essential trust in one’s intuition is to start small. Don’t make life-changing decisions based on your intuition if you’re not familiar with it. You might confuse your two inner voices. Ask your intuition to guide you with smaller decisions at first. Then wait for the gentle knowing feeling to arrive. Don’t expect an instant answer, but watch out, for it will come and you’ll know it when it does.

Over time, as you tune in more and more, you’ll find you suffer less and less with worry or anxiety. You’ll trust all will work out well, and often you’ll find it works out better than you could ever have imagined!

I hope this article helps you have a better understanding of yourself and what is intuition. Thank-you for reading.

Much Love and light,
The Spiritual Mysic Brenda Marie


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Saturday, September 10, 2022

What or Who is the Higher Self?

What Is The Higher Self?

We are all searching for the true, as to who or what we really are. We instinctually know there is more to us than meets the eye. Knowing there is something or someone beyond us that creates us. A higher power that is in control of all things.

What are we? What is our true connection to this higher-power? Are we just a body with a personality or are we something more? From my understanding, we are much more. We are all souls living in bodies. Each one of us has a higher form. This higher form has been typically called the Higher Self. Others have called it as the Oversoul or Overself. It is the part of us that is still connected to the creator or God.

I prefer to call it the God spark. You remember the song you sang in church as a child, “This Little Light of Mine”. Well, that song is talking about the higher-self. The spark inside of each one of us that is connected to God. That spark is our higher-self wanting to come through.

We are all a part of God or the creator. We incarnate so our soul can learn and grow. There is a part of our soul that stays in Heaven when we incarnate. A part of us that is forever connected to God or the creator. The part of us that guides us home when our bodies die. This part of our soul helps guide us in our daily lives. The part of us that never leaves Heaven is the higher-self.

Who and what is the Higher Self?

The Higher Self is the intelligence and wisdom aspect of our own self. Ironically, the Higher Self is impersonal and does not have a ‘sense of self’ like the way our personality does. The higher-self only knows love and light. It only knows the truth, and all of this is in its truest form. It knows our real reasons for being here. The reasons we choose to incarnate and serve God and the world. It serves as a guiding aspect of the personality or ego. The Higher-self is our soul connection to God. It is God working through us.

The higher-self is us in our purest form. It is our soul’s true essence. All of us, in our essence, are pure love and light. We are all expressions of God, in individual form. Our higher-selves are who we truly are. The Higher-self is our soul at work.

I hope this article helps you have a better understanding of yourself and what the higher-self is. Thank-you for reading.

Much Love and light,
The Spiritual Mysic Brenda Marie

Content by Brenda Marie Fluharty (The Spiritual Mystic) ©2022, all rights reserved

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Thursday, September 16, 2021

What is Spiritual Mysticism?

What is Spiritual Mysticism? 

Spiritual Mysticism is the path I have walked. I believe one needed to learn all they can and make it their own. I have studied many religions over my lifetime. Believing in a creator of all. One needs to look within and find their own path back home.

Spiritual Mysticism is looking within and discovering who one truly is as a spiritual being. One must let go of all they have learned. To find who they truly are. Spiritual Mysticism is a pathway of self-discovery and self-awareness.

We are all expressions of the Creator (God). We must rediscover the God spark within our own souls. This is our guide to the path back home. The spark within our souls is connected to a bigger spark that still lives in Heaven. The spark still in Heaven will show us the way back to where we truly belong.

What is Spiritual Mysticism’s View of Jesus? 

Jesus was one of many Ascended Masters, who came to Earth to show the rest of us the way back home. He was a guide who showed us we must rediscover who we truly are. We are all a spark or part of the Creator. We are all beings of light and we must become beings of light once again.

Look at Jesus’s teaching after his Resurrection. This is where his true teaching to his Disciples are hidden. His true teachings were of self-awareness and learning how to regain the light body. Jesus was a Grand Reiki Master. Sending the Reiki energies that helped enlighten his followers. 

Everything is made of energy, even the pathway to Enlightenment. Jesus used Reiki to send the energy of the Holy Spirit to his followers. This gave his followers the ability to do this as well. But, he is not the only one. All the Ascended Master did this as well.

These are my personal views. Things that I have discovered along my spiritual journey. Thank-you for reading. Much Love and light.

The Spiritual Mystic Brenda Marie

Content and  photos by The Spiritual Mystic Brenda Marie ©2021 all right reserved

Tuesday, August 3, 2021

What is Grounding and Earthing?


What is Grounding and Earthing?

In this hectic world, people have lost touch with the Earth. They have lost their connection with the planet. Grounding is reconnecting to the energy follow of the Earth. Grounding is your body getting the positive energy from the Earth. 

Earthing is another name for grounding. There is a minor difference between Earthing and grounding. Earthing is actually having skin contact with the Earth. Walking barefoot, playing in the sand, or gardening is Earthing. Grounding does not always mean you have skin contact with the Earth.

Benefits of Grounding or Earth

Remove negative energy
Reduce stress and anxiety
Lower blood pressure
Help with insomnia
Help focus

What Are The benefits of Grounding or Earth?

There are many benefits, both spiritual and physical to grounding or Earthing. Earthing actually having physical contact with the earth helps to remove negative energy from your body. It has proven grounding helps reduce stress. It may also help lower blood pressure. Earthing or grounding can help with sleep issues as well. 

Earthing and grounding have become so noticed for its positive effects researcher are testing to see if it helps with inflammatory issues. There is reason to believe grounding helps with depression or anxiety and may even be helpful in reducing harmful addictions.

Earthing and ground can help you focus better. It can be helpful in aliening your body’s energy. Grounding helps you connect to the spirit realms and deepens meditation practices. Grounding is done before starting any spiritual practice.

Earthing and grounding are very beneficial practices to take up. You should try to do them every day. Earthing and grounding daily will help you live a better life by reducing your stress and helping you sleep better. Grounding helps you stay focused and work better.

I hope this article gave you a better understanding of Earthing and grounding, and the wonderful health benefits you can get from doing them. I hope it encourages you to get started Earthing and grounding for a better way of living. Thank-you for reading..

Much love and light

The Spiritual Mystic Brenda Marie

Content by The Spiritual Mystic Brenda Marie Fluharty ©2021 all right reserved
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Friday, July 23, 2021

What is Money Reiki?


What is Money Reiki?

What is Money Reiki? Getting attuned to Money Reiki will not make you rich. Bringing money to you is not what Money Reiki is about. If you wish to get riches, have someone to cast a spell to get riches for you. 

Money Reiki is about raising the vibrations of money. In today’s society, money has a terrible reputation. Money represents power and greed amongst all humanity. Changing and healing this view of the dollar is what Money Reiki is about. Money Reiki helps you view money in a more spiritual way. All things come from God or source, whatever one calls the higher power. Getting attuned to Money Reiki helps raise your vibrational connection to it.

Money Reiki Attunements are set up a little differently than other Reiki attunements. There are three levels of Money Reiki but not level 1, 2, and master level.

Levels of Money Reiki

Practitioner’s Level
Master Level 
Grand Master Level

Practitioner’s Level of money Reiki

Practitioner level of Money Reiki goes over the basics of Money Reiki. Stating that money problems are problems with energy flow. The different energy related to money. It also goes into positive thinking and positive feelings. Why positive thinking works for some and not for others. Practitioner level goes into the basic of doing Money Reiki for yourself and others.

Master Level of Money Reiki

The Master Level of Money Reiki goes over the theory of Money Reiki. Master level gives you the symbols of money Reiki and how to use them. The Master level shows you how to give the Money Reiki attunement.

Grand Master Level of Money Reiki

The Grand Master Level of Money Reiki goes deeper into the theory of money Reiki. The Grand Master Level gives you cleansing and the underlying issues many people have with money. It also gives ideas on how to help with money issues.

My Problems with Money Reiki

My problems with Money Reiki are few, but I disagree with some points about Money Reiki. Money Reiki can be misleading, which may cause problems for the practitioner if they fully don’t explain what Money Reiki is to their clients. Two in the manual it clearly states that if you don’t charge for money Reiki, it will not work for you or your client. In my point of view, this is putting negative energy around the Money Reiki Process.

Money is energy like anything else.  It all depends on how the energy is used and what it is used for if it's good or evil. Money is an energy that has been misused by some. And, this is what has caused the negitive energy around money.

I hope you enjoyed reading about Money Reiki. Have a wonderful day.

Thank-you for reading. Much love, light, and happiness to all!
Mystic Brenda Marie

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Thursday, June 3, 2021

What is a Lightworker?

 What is a Lightworker?

I have been doing Reiki healings for over 25 years. I am often asked ” What is a Lightworker? ” There is a basic answer to what is a Lightworker. A Lightworker is anyone who uses healing energy. Everything comprises energy and there are healing energies. A writer’s words can be called Lightwork if they help heal. We can consider anyone a Lightworker, if they use kind and healing words. This is a basic answer, “What is a Lightworker?”

What Type of People are Lightworkers?

People who are loving and compassionate are Lightworkers. Lightworkers often are empathic with a deep understanding of people, animals or the Earth. Lightworkers care very deeply for things. They try to help and protect the thing they are passionate about.

In my opinion, most people are Lightworkers. Most people have something they care about passionately. That one thing you would go out of your way for or to help. Some lightworkers are poets. Sharing their powerful emotions through their words. Gardeners are lightworkers, because they have a passion for the Earth and are helping to heal it by growing things.

Lightworkers are the people that go out of their way to help something or someone. Most people are lightworkers in their own ways. Lightworkers are the ones who are helping the world get through this crisis. They are the people who still went to work, the truck drivers, doctors, nurse, bus drivers, extra.

If you look around you, you will find a lightworker. You are most likely one yourself. Keep up the good work. 

Thank-you for reading. Much Love and light

Brenda Marie (The Spiritual Mystic)

Content by Brenda Marie Fluharty Clapp (The Spiritual Mystic) ©2021 all right reserved

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Tuesday, June 1, 2021

What is Energy Work and Energy Healing?


What is Energy Work and Energy Healing?

What is energy work and energy heal? If you studied high school biology, you know everything comprises energy. Everything in the world is energy. Even our thoughts and feeling are energy. Energy work and energy healing are learning how to understand and use the natural flow of energy. 

All energy has a flow to it. Think of the ocean waves as they go back and forth. Energy work is just first being able to feeling the energy flow, then being able to have an understanding of energy. Everyone can do this, it may take some practice. It's like any other skill, if you don't use it, you lose it.  The more you practice it the better you get at it.

Energy healing is more in depth. It’s learning the different energies, how they flow, and if there are blockages, learning how to remove them. Some people have to be attuned to certain energies before they can feel them. This is where Reiki and other energy healing workers come in. There are many wonderful energy work masters out there that can attune and teach how energy works.

What is Energy Work?

Energy works starts out with a person who feels and notices the differences in different types of energy. Everything and everyone are made up of energy. There are people who naturally know when energy is out of balance. Energy work is the rebalancing of out of alignment energies. Believe it or not, there are countless types of energy work.

 There are many forms of energy healing; Reiki, Qugong, Shieki, Pranic and others. Reiki is a form of energy work. I have had over 100 different Reiki attunements and I still could take thousands of more. I have learned that some of the Reiki energy attunements are similar. Just like different energy systems are like Reiki.

What is Energy Healing?

Energy healing is just what it says healing the energies. Light workers are energy healers. I am not going to go into energy healing too deeply. It can get a bit complicated and there is way too much involved. Basically, energy healing is seeing or feeling the energy fields around something or someone. The energy healer knows if there is something wrong with the energy. There could be a number of different things wrong with the energy. It could be blocked, too high or too low, just to name a few. Energy work fixes the problem. It may take a few sessions of energy work to fix what is wrong. Fixing energy depends on what the problem is and what you are working on. Whether it be human, plant, or animal.

An energy healer is a channeler of sorts. Before you get upset. Understand that channeler, just mean one can move and change the energies. Many people dislike the word channeler. But, if you think about it, you channel energy or at least try to channel it. If you are hurt; you put your hand over the sport that is hurt. In this way, you are trying to or you are channeling energy.

I hope this article helps you have a better understanding of energy work and energy healing. Thank-you so much for stopping by and read. 

Much Love and Light,

Brenda Marie (The Spiritual Mystic)

Content by Brenda Marie Fluharty Clapp (The Spiritual Mystic) ©2021 all right reserved

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Sunday, April 28, 2019

What is a Past Life Reading and the Benefits of Having a Past Life Reading?

What is a Past Life Reading?

A past life reading is when someone with a strong connection to the Universal Energies goes into a trance or deep meditative state.  They connect to your higher-self to help you have a better understanding of yourself.  Also, to help you have a better understanding of problems you may have in this lifetime.   Many fears, stresses,  and other problems cross over many lifetimes.

The person giving the past life reading usually sees it like a movie playing in their mind’s eye.  Sometimes they will only see bits and pieces of the movie like a coming attraction.  This is because what comes through to the person giving the reading is what you need the most and can fully deal with at the time of the reading. 

They can only do past life readings, one lifetime at a time.  There should be a significant amount of time between each past life reading.  Past life readings should be done at least three weeks apart.   This will give you time to take everything in and give you a better understanding of yourself.  If, you are working on healing problems that started in the past life the reading was about, this gives you time to heal.  

During a past life reading session,  the life is not picked by you or the person giving the reading.  The lifetime that comes through is automatic.  Usually, it comes through because of a current problem or situation that is going on in your life at the point the reading is being given.  The past life that comes through should help you have a better understanding of what is going on and why. You may be trying to learn a very important lesson and, need a little extra information to totally and fully understand the lesson and learn it. 

The past life that comes through in the session applies to your current life.   It should help you make sense of present time experiences and beliefs. They will help guide you and help you get through certain problems or blockages, you are going through in this lifetime. Or, help you have better self-awareness. 

Benefits of a Past Life Reading 

Have a better understanding of relationships
Help you discover your life purpose
May help your mental, spiritual, and physical health
May validate things you already know about yourself

Benefits of a Past Life Reading 

Having a past life reading done has several benefits.   The most important of these benefits is past life readings help you heal and grow.  A past life reading may also help with your karmic debt, transformation, and help you know your current life purpose.  There are also benefits  like self-awareness and spiritual growth and wellness.

Past Life Reading Help You Have a Better Understanding of Relationships

There are several benefits to having a past life reading done.  A past life reading can help you have a better understanding of your past and current relationships.  Some relationships can be difficult and draining.  Every relationship we have in every lifetime happens for a reason. There is a reason for every relationship, even people who seem to drain the life out of you are in your life for a reason. Here, one of the life lessons you may need to learn in this lifetime is how to protect your energy.

There are many souls on this planet and each one has a soul family, a twin soul or flame,  and many soul mates.  Having a past life reading done can help you to recognize these souls. Maybe, these souls have not entered your life yet.  When they do, you will recognize and understand why they have come into your life.

A Past Life Reading May Help You Discover Your Life Purpose

We are all on the Earth for a reason.  Even those who are here with disabilities are here for a reason.  One thing that a past life reading can help you with is learning your life purpose.  Signs of one’s life purpose is usually clear in one’s childhood but not always.  A past life reading may point out your life purpose directly or indirectly.  It all depends on your soul and your soul’s growth at the time of your past life reading.  

Some people seem to be born knowing what they want out of life.  They know where and how to get what they want.  Other people seem to be totally lost when it comes to knowing themselves.  And, there are many people in-between knowing themselves fully and not at all.  A past life reading can help give you insight to yourself.  It can help you have a better understanding of who you are and what you really want out of life. 

We go through many lifetimes and learn many things.  I have always believed there is a deeper reason for us learning the things we do.  Somehow what we learn here on Earth helps us in our work for God, on the other side.  A past life reading may help you tap into the lessons you have learned in your past lives.  It may give you access to abilities you did not even know that you had.   You may have studied something in many lifetimes and it comes easy to you in this lifetime. 

A past life reading will give you a different perspective on things.  It may help you think about your life challenges in different ways. A past life reading may even change the way you think and see yourself and others.  Many people have told me, after having a past life reading done, it changed their views and perspectives in certain areas of their lives. 

Past Life Readings May Help Your Mental, Spiritual, and Physical Health

A past life reading can help your mental, spiritual, and physical health.  A past life reading may help you clear away unresolved emotional issues. A past life reading may help you understand why you react to things they way you do.   We all have hopes and dreams, we should follow, as these often have to do with our life purpose.  We are all human beings and we often get in our own ways. Either self inflicted or because of those around us, we often develop fears and doubts.  These fears and doubts about ourselves often stop us from fulfilling our dreams.  Sadly, sometimes this lasts throughout one’s whole lifetime and becomes a lesson that must be learned in the next life.
Other souls somehow work through their fears and doubts often learning about themselves and others along the way.  They have a short diversion from their dreams. Learning life’s lessons and becoming stronger before they end up returning to their life path. They discover their life purpose and follow their dreams.

Some people are affected lightly by having a past life reading done.  It affects others more deeply and they have life-changing events happen because they had a past life reading.  How greatly one is affected by having a past life reading done depends on the strength and age of one’s soul.  They may have been waiting many lifetimes for these changes to take place. When these changes take place the soul is ready for them.

We never go through anything in life, we were not meant to go through.  We all have bad times in our lives.  We all have moments when we have to face things, we feel we are not strong enough to deal with.  But, in fact, we are never given a challenge, we can not get through.   It is all in the way we perceive things, our beliefs, and values that will get us through.   A past life reading can help you release old patterns and rebalance your energies.

Past Life Readings May Validate Thing

Having a past life reading done often may validate things you already know about yourself but you were not sure.   The past life reading may confirm your beliefs and understanding of the human soul.  We are all eternal spirits living on many planets and realms throughout our entire journey.  There are vast amounts of knowledge we need to become enlightened about on each of these planes. We go through many life and death circles, as death is only a purification process.  We renew all that we have learned and go over what we need to go through next before we enter a new body and a new world.

A past life reading will stimulate your spiritual growth and have a positive impact on your present life.   If you have been thinking about having a past life reading done?  I highly recommend you have a past life reading done.  I have received and given many past life readings.  In each case the person receiving the reading had been always grateful that they had a past life reading done.

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Sunday, January 20, 2019

What is Gold Reiki?

What is Gold Reiki?

Gold Reiki like all forms of Reiki is about healing. Gold Reiki uses the universal energies of love to heal the heart. Most people do not realize that over our lifetimes the heart chakra is usually the one chakra that gets the most damaged. The heart chakra holds the pain of loss.  Gold Reiki is considered one of the most powerful forms of Reiki. Gold Reiki heals the whole body, but one of Gold Reiki’s main focus points is healing the heart.

Gold Reiki Healing the Heart

The heart chakra is one of the main seven chakras in the human body. Reiki is all about healing and aligning the chakras to heal the body, mind, and spirit. Death is a part of life and over our lifetimes, we will see death in one form or another. We will all suffer from the heart because of the loss of a person or pet, we are close to. This loss is felt most in the heart chakra. This type of pain can also do the most damage, sometimes taking the rest of the lifetime to heal and sometimes never fully healing.

Gold Reiki uses one of the most powerful energies to help heal the heart, the energies of universal love. Many spiritual healers believe love is the most powerful energy there is.  Universal love or the love of God is believed to be the most powerful form of pure energy that there is and it is used in spiritual healing all over the world.  This energy is seen as bright gold light with sparkles in it goes through the body healing it.  Gold Reiki is one of the most powerful forms of Reiki. Gold Reiki uses the power of universal love or God’s love to heal the chakras helping to heal the mind, body and soul.

Other Uses For Gold Reiki

While Gold Reiki’s main focus is on healing the heart chakra, it has many other uses.  Gold Reiki is one of the strongest forms of Reiki.  Gold Reiki can remove negative energies not only from the body, but also from places and objects. It is thought that Gold Reiki helps with enlightenment and self-awareness.

I hope you enjoyed reading about Gold Reiki and its main points of healing. Thank-you for reading.
                                     Blessed be,
                    Mystic Brenda Marie

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What is Reiki?

What is Reiki?

Reiki is a natural healing practice that uses Universal energy to help heal the body’s ailments. The more you practice Reiki, the stronger the flow of the energy becomes. We practice Reiki for many reasons. Reiki is a spiritual practice, but it is not a religion. Reiki practitioners use meditation and other spiritual practices to help strengthen and control the flow of the energies. Some people practice, only for spiritual growth and understanding. Reiki teaches Universal love and oneness.  It is thought the more one practices Reiki, the stronger the flow of Universal energy becomes world wide. So in a way practicing Reiki helps the entire world.

We can also practice Reiki for healing purposes. The universal energies remove spiritual blockages and cleanse the chakras. Once the chakras are free from blockages, the energy flows better making one healthier.  There are many forms of Reiki to help you heal in different areas.

Benefits of Practicing Reiki

Practicing Reiki helps in many areas of one’s life. Besides being an amazing spiritual growth, Reiki practice, Reiki has many health benefits. Reiki can be very beneficial to personal growth and understanding. Reiki can help reduce stress. Reiki teaches you how to calm both the mind and the body, helping you understand your spirit better. Reiki helps you to become more self-aware. You can also do a lot of self-healing by practicing Reiki. Every time the Universal energies flow through you, you are healing yourself.

In some spiritual health practices, some believe most sicknesses come from blocked or stagnant energy in the chakras. Reiki teaches you how to remove these energy blockages and get your energies flowing again. Removing energy blockages may take more than one or two Reiki treatments, depending on the size and reason for the blockages. Some blockages are caused by major trauma and take many sessions to heal. Once these blockages are clear, you will not believe how great you feel.
Thank-you for reading.

          Love and light,
                     Mystic Brenda Marie

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