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Friday, December 28, 2018

Reiki Reduces Stress

Reiki Reduces Stress

Reiki treatments are an excellent way to reduce stress. One thing I love about Reiki is, Reiki is a great way to reduce stress. I know many people who suffer from stress disorders. I am very grateful that I can help them by giving them Reiki treatments.

Witnessing Reiki Reduce Stress 

Throughout my time of doing Reiki, I have witnessed the positive effects it has had on many people. One of the most unusual things is witnessing Reiki reduce stress. I have been giving treatments to people who suffer from social anxiety. I have witnessed people go from borderline panic attack to being calm after they have been given Reiki; this is one of the greatest pleasures I get from practicing Reiki.

Using Reiki to Reduce Stress for Friends and Family 

Stress is a huge deal these days.  Sadly, many people suffer from stress disorders. I am sure everyone out there knows, at least, one person who suffers from such a disorder, if you don’t. I have many family members who suffer from a verity of different stress disorders. Knowing I can help them deal with their disorders is very gratifying.

I have taught family members how to give self- Reiki treatments. They have had great success using Reiki to help reduce their stress. While Reiki may not work all the time and for everyone, it is a well know fact that using Reiki along with other therapies helps reduce stress for many people.

I have felt the effect of Reiki for myself. I have given myself Reiki treatments during times of low and high stress. I can honestly say Reiki helps reduce stress.

Examples of Reiki Helping Reduce Stress

Here are three examples how I used Reiki to help someone I care about deal with stress. 

Example 1

My sister and I were working for the same company.  Her job was very stressful.  She was dealing with complaints and other customer issues.  There were many people we worked with that, would say my sister would calm down just from me looking at her.  What they did not know, is that I would give my sister Reiki treatments every time we crossed paths. Reiki is energy healing and clearing away negitive energies helps reduce stress.

Example 2

A dear friend of mine suffers from bad panic attacks.  I mean the poor thing can’t breathe and sometimes blacks out from the panic attacks.  My friend takes medication for them, but it does not always work.  Teaching my friend Reiki to help with the panic attacks worked great.  The blackouts stopped and Reiki helps her stay calm.  It was just a matter of teaching her a technique that worked for her.

Example 3

My son has had anxiety all of this life.  When he was very young,  he had panic attacks. He also suffers from sensory disorders.  They have tried for years to find something that would help my son.  I taught my son Reiki  and mediations after which he has never had another panic attack.  He uses Reiki often when he gets stressed and if help quite a bit.  

 Many people I know and love have benefited from using Reiki to help deal with their stress. Using Reiki along with other treatment greatly reduced panic attacked.  Always remember to check with your doctor before using any type of treatment for stress and anxiety. Try Reiki you may find you enjoy doing it daily.

I hope you enjoyed reading about how Reiki helps reduce stress. 
Blessed me, 
   Mystic Brenda Marie

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Reiki Attunements, Reiki Treatments, and Reiki Circles

Reiki Attunements, Reiki Treatments, and Reiki Circles

To understand Reiki, you need to know the differences between Reiki attunements, treatments, and circles. You may ask yourself what is a Reiki attunement or circle? That is why I am writing this article to give everyone a basic understanding of Reiki treatments, attunements, and circles.

The world is made up of all different energies. Reiki uses these energies to help heal and re-balance not only people but also the planet. It’s good to have a basic understanding of Universal energy before you learn about Reiki. If you don’t, most Reiki studies touch on the subject of Universal energies and their flow.

Reiki Treatments

A Reiki treatment is given to a client by a Reiki practitioner, to help with some ailment. The ailments can range from just needing help to relax to physical illness.  Reiki treatments can be given in person or from a distance using meditation and the universal connections humans receive from one another. Reiki does no harm.

Reiki Attunemenst

Reiki attunements are given by a Reiki master or teachers. A Reiki attunement is where the Reiki Master attunes you to a certain Reiki energy. When you are attuned to Reiki energy, you can use the energy. It takes practice to master the use of the energy. Most types of Reiki attunements are level one or a beginners level, level two or intermediate levels and a Master level. These levels help the students' understanding of the Reiki and to practice using the Reiki energies they were attuned.

Reiki Circles

A Reiki Circle is usually a group of Reiki Masters. A circle may also include Reiki students involved, but a Reiki Master is leading the circle. A Reiki Circle is used to help heal. The more people, the stronger the healing. In most cases Reiki circles are usually formed to help the environment, for world peace, or some good issue is being treated. It is rare that a circle gets together just to treat a single person, but it happens.

I hope after reading this; you have a better understanding of the differences between Reiki treatments, attunements, and circles.  Thank-you for reading and do come back again.

Blessed be,
                           Mystic Brenda Marie

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Sunday, December 23, 2018

Basic Ways of Using Reiki to help heal the Earth

Using Reiki to Heal the Earth

Many Reiki Practitioners and Masters use Reiki to help heal the Earth. There are many ways one can use Reiki to help heal the Earth. Using many forms of Reiki that were invented just for healing the Earth and making the world a better place. Even using the basic forms of Reiki can help heal the Earth.  Reiki is using the surrounding energies, letting them flow through you and directing them to one place.

Basic Ways of Using Reiki to help heal the Earth 

Most people who practice Reiki are healers, and they want to help the world any way they can. Giving Reiki to plants, vegetables, flowers and trees is one of the basic ways to use Reiki to help heal the Earth. Doing Reiki on plants, trees, vegetables and flowers helps them grow. Helping with the growing of things a good place to start.

Using Different form of Reiki to Help Heal the Earth 

There are many various types of Earth Reiki. These forms of Reiki are not only used to help heal people and animals, but to help heal the Earth. Celtic Reiki and Gold Reiki are two of the best forms of Reiki to use for this purpose. Both Celtic and Gold Reiki draw energies from the earth, not that they are the only two forms of Reiki that draw from the Earth. Celtic and Gold Reiki are just my preferred forms to use, but any form of Reiki will help.

Groups of People using Reiki to help Heal the Earth 

We all know there is power in numbers. The more people doing Reiki, the stronger the Reiki energies become. There are many days during the year where groups of people practicing Reiki get together and practice together to help heal the Earth and world issues.

Reiki is a healing art. When someone does Reiki, there is never any harm done to anything or anyone. Reiki uses pure energies to help heal not only people, but the Earth. Using Reiki to help heal the Earth raises the Earth’s vibrations, which is a good thing. The Higher the vibrations the closer to God one becomes.

Thank-you for reading. I hope this piece gives you a better understanding of using Reiki to help heal the Earth. 
                Blessed be, 
                   Mystic  Brenda Marie

Content by Mystic Brenda Marie ©2018 all right reserved
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Friday, December 21, 2018

Reading Recommendations for Anyone Who Wants to Learn More About Reiki

Reading Recommendations for Anyone Who Wants to Learn More About Reiki

I love to read books. Over the years, I have built up my book collections. I have read thousands of books on many subjects. Reiki is one subject I have read a lot about over the years. In this article, I will give you my reading recommendations for beginners wanting to learn more about Reiki.

Reading recommendations for beginners wanting to learn more about Reiki

Reiki for Beginners by David F. VenndellsThe Reiki Sourcebook by Bronwen and Fran StieneThe Healing Power of Reiki by Raven Keyes
Empowerment through Reiki by Paula Horan

Reading recommendations for beginners wanting to learn more about Reiki; book recommendation number one is Reiki for Beginners by David F. Venndells.

If you only ever get one chance to read a book about Reiki “Reiki for Beginners” by David F. Venndells would be the best book. “Reiki for Beginners” is a great book for anyone who wants to learn about Reiki. This book summarizes all things Reiki.

“The Reiki Sourcebook” by Bronwen and Fran Stiene is what the title states. This is an in-depth book about many Reiki sources. The book is a list of different sources and organizations associated with Reiki. It the best resource book on Reiki available.

“The Healing Power” of Reiki by Raven Keyes is a wonderful book that talks about working with Reiki. It is about Dr. Mehmet Oz one of the first Doctor to use Reiki with patients. It goes into some amazing stories of the healing power of Reiki.

“Empowerment through Reiki” by Paula Horan is one of my favorite books about Reiki. Not only does this book talk about Reiki healing but it also goes into the self-healing and the spiritual growth that comes along with practice Reiki. This book also goes into how to enhance by using crystals, candles, and other tools.

I hope you enjoyed my reading recommendations for beginners wanting to learn more about Reiki.
            Blessed be,
                Mystic Brenda Marie

Photo and content by Mystic Brenda Marie ©2018 all right reserved

Reiki Throughout the Day

Reiki Throughout the Day 

Reiki is not a religion. But, Reiki is a very spiritual practice. I use Reiki throughout my whole day. Reiki is a way of life for me.

I start my day with a Reiki prayer. I give thanks for all the wonderful things that are going on in my life. I always thank all the spirit guides, angels, ascending masters, and guardians for their help with everything I do. I burn sage, incense, and candles all day long.

Before, I eat or drink anything I give it a Reiki blessing. I will draw the Reiki symbols with my figures over the top of what I am about to eat or drink.  Thanking the spirits for the blessing of having enough to eat and drink.

Reiki and My Writing 

Yes, I do Reiki for my writing. I sage the space by my computer. I use money Reiki in my office space. Money Reiki is not what you may think money Reiki clears the negative energies that surrounds money. It’s like doing a blessing to have a good day at work. I have Reiki symbols all over my work area.

Reiki for Pets 

I have two dachshunds named Bella and Fred. I give them a Reiki treatment every day. They love to sit on my lap while I am working. So, giving them a Reiki treatment is easy to do. They always end up falling asleep.  For a dog, a reiki treatment is like someone petting and loving them for a long period. I don’t use crystals when giving a Reiki treatment to my dog. You can use crystals with pets; you should be careful that they don’t swallow them.   Using larger crystals when giving dogs, Reiki helps prevent any problems.

Reiki and Nature 

I walk every day. Being outdoors, you can feel the Reiki energies flowing. Reiki is just the natural energies and vibrations. I give Gold Reiki to everything I come across. Gold Reiki is a healing energy. Reiki does no harm. I have noticed doing Reiki outdoors the plants grow better, and I have seen more wildlife around my home.

I have been using Reiki for over twenty years.  It is natural for me to use it throughout my day.  I love to feel the Reiki energy running through me.  It is healing and energizing.

Thank-you for reading,
             Mystic Brenda Marie

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Content by Mystic Brenda Marie ©2018 all right reserved