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Saturday, July 24, 2021

Reiki: To Use Symbols or Not Use Symbols


Reiki: To Use Symbols or Not Use Symbols

There is a big debate amongst Reiki Masters; it is better to use Reiki symbols or not to use Reiki symbols. Many Reiki Masters choose not to use Reiki Symbols in their practice. To me, this is fine, to each his/her own. It’s a matter of personal choice whether you use the symbols. My opinion is symbols have power and add strength to any Reiki healing. 

Some Reiki Masters don’t even teach their students the symbols. Not teaching the Reiki Symbols takes away their choice of whether or not to use them. I feel if you are going to teach other Reiki; you have an obligation to them to teach them the Reiki symbols that go along with the forms of Reiki you are teaching.

Reasons for Not Using Reiki Symbols

  • Reiki Symbols are too hard to draw
  •  Reiki Symbols take time away, from the actual treatment
  • Reiki Symbols add nothing to the treatment

While these are all legitimate reasons for not using Reiki symbols, I see thing much different. Using Reiki Symbols adds so much to a treatment. It doesn’t matter how well you can draw the symbols. If you draw the symbols close to what they should be, you will feel the energy. I am far from being a real artist, and I use and can feel the energy of the symbols. Drawing the Reiki symbols only takes a few seconds and they add energy to the treatments. The drawing of Reiki symbols does not take any time away from the treatment.

Reasons for Using Reiki Symbols

Reiki has been around for hundreds of years. Reiki has been used as a healing practice for hundreds of years. Many of the ancient Reiki Masters used symbols in their practices. Reiki symbols have strength to them. They add power and energy every time that they are used. The fact that these symbols have been used for hundreds of years gives them great strength and power. I feel using symbols adds a lot of energy to the treatments.

To any Reiki Practitioner, who is undecided about using Reiki symbols, try it both ways and see what happens. I have done Reiki with and without using symbols. When I use the symbols, not only do I feel the energy, stronger, but so do my clients. My clients feeling the energy, stronger when I used Reiki symbols was the deciding factor for me. 

Of course, the choice to use the Reiki symbols or not is totally up to the Reiki Practitioner.

Thank-you for reading.

Much love and light.

The Spiritual Mystic Brenda Marie Fluharty

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