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Sunday, May 2, 2021

What is an Earth Angel?

 What is an Earth Angel?

Have you ever had a day when everything went wrong? Someone or something made you forget about the horrible day you were having. Have you ever had someone change your point of view about something from bad to good? Has someone ever given you helpful advice out of the blue? Have you ever had someone just listen to what you had to say. Have you even known someone who was a big inspiration to you? They said nothing, they just listened to all you had to say. Have you ever been in nature and it made you feel blissful? Do you know someone who is an Empath? Do you know someone who seems to give without thinking about? These are all examples of Earth Angels.

 Earth Angels Martha and Lia DeMeo

                                 Photo from the Marth's Review

I know many Earth Angels. It has blessed me to cross paths with dozens of Earth Angels. Martha DeMeo is one of my Earth Angel. I have been following her blog for a long time. Martha and I have many things in common. We both love flower, to garden, angels, and a fondness for the number seven. I love reading Martha’s blog; it brings back lovely family memories for me. Martha often reminds me, my beloved grandfather is looking down at me from Heaven smiling. It is for this I am grateful, and it is what makes her a most beloved Earth angel to me.

                          Photo from the Martha's Review

Earth Angels come is all shapes and sizes. Martha DeMeo’s great-granddaughter Lia Faith is an Earth Angel to many people. She is a sweet, caring, and compassionate little girl. Lia loves to bake and garden. She is a big helper to all. Martha shares her blog the Martha’s Review with Lia. In this way, Martha is Lia’s Earth Angel.

Earth Angel Colleen Chesebro

                          Colleen Chesebro Profile photo

Colleen Chesebro is an author, blogger, poet and a huge inspiration to the writing community. Colleen writes and runs several blogs. Most of them set out to help other writers, poets, and authors. Colleen is a treasure to the writing world.

I believe Colleen helped poetry have its great comeback. Her blog Word Craft: Pose& Poetry teaches about different poetry and writing styles. Colleen offers writing challenges to help one develop their creativity. She also offers an amazing list of Poetry book publishing links. I know, I have found them very helpful.  Colleen does book reviews and has a section of her blog called meet the poet.  And to add to the wonders of this amazing lady. Collen has  started a writing journal/ online magazine Word Weaving with Jules Paige.  

You can read more from Collen on her author's blog Collen M. Chesebro Prose Metrist, Novelist, & Word Witch.  Colleen is an Earth Angel. She helps writers in her own way.

After I started writing this article, I realized, I could write a book.  I know so many Earth Angels.  This will be an ongoing article.  I will add more to it later, I am sure.

There are links to outside sites in this article. I am not responsible for outside sites. I don’t get any compensation for you clicking on the links.

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