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Wednesday, September 14, 2022

Living Spiritually: A walk in the Sun Reconnecting to Nature in my Back Yard


Living Spiritually A walk in the Sun with Pushy Little Bella

Trying to live spiritually isn't always easy.  There are everyday stresses that can stop us from living with hope in our hearts. This week has been very stressful.  Living spiritually is just my way of life.  I try to do spiritual things all throughout my day. Getting in touch with nature, taking a walk in the sun, is one way to live spiritually. We often get caught up with our everyday lives and don't get outside to enjoy the beauty of nature. 

I have been longing to go to a lake.  It's very grounding for me. I enjoy being outside in nature, especially this time of year.  But, I have been stuck at home waiting for the plumber to call because of a backed up sink. They usually come out right away, but they are way backed up. It's been almost a week  since, I have been waiting for them.  So, I am very stressed out.  I can't go anywhere or do anything outside of the house because I am waiting for them to call.  Plus, cleaning up after the clog is kind of getting to me.  On top of all the other stuff going on in my life.  It's seems like I always have something to do, but I am not getting anything done. 

Thank goodness for pushy little dogs. Dogs were born living spiritually. They often show us the way.  Bella, my mini dachshund, often shows me that living spiritually is the way we were all meant to live.  She reminds me on the days that I forget.  It has been very nice outside all week.  Bella, has been very patient with me.  I haven't taken her for a long walk in for a few days. Something must have told, her, today was the day.  Mom, really needs a break and to enjoy the sun.  Even if, it is only for a few minutes.  Or course, Bella won and I took her for a walk.

Living Spiritually: A walk in the Sun Reconnecting to Nature in my Back Yard

I could not go too far and I had to have my cell phone with me. I went into my backyard with Bella.  I sat there for a while and just enjoyed the sun through the trees.  I decided, to take a few photos.

I loved the way the rays came off the sun.  It was such a lovely day. It wasn't too hot around 80 degrees and no humidity. Bella wanted to spend all day outside. I decided to take her for a walk in the sun.

Bella was having fun smelling everything she could.  I realized just how lovely my backyard looked. I discovered my little walk in the sun with Bella was helping me to reconnect to nature.  That's is how it happens sometimes.  When we least expect something to happen it does. I was having fun taking pictures.

I was reconnecting to nature while photographing the sun.  I was falling in love with the sun. The rays coming off the sun looked almost like rainbows. 

It was magic the sun the sun looked coming through the branches of the trees.  It was like the angels were walking with me.

I have always said, my grandfather and my husband's grandfather protect us.  I can feel them walking my yard sometimes. I can almost see them sometimes sitting on the bench I made for them. 

It was a very magical walk for me.  I felt the stress melt off like it had never been there. I could feel the love of nature and the angels surrounding me. My phone did not ring once and I was very happy about that.

I felt something I had not felt in a long time, a reconnection with nature.  Not just a reconnection with nature but also myself. This photo is number 193303.  19 meaning believe in yourself.  333 means the angels are near and I believe they were. I short walk in the sun reconnected me to nature and the nature of myself.  I was living spiritually on this walk in the sun, that is for sure.

Thank-you so much for reading.

Much Love and light,
The spiritual Mystic Brenda Marie

Content and photos  by Brenda Marie Fluharty (The Spiritual Mystic) ©2022, all rights reserved

Tuesday, August 10, 2021

Living Spiritually Through Cleaning

Living Spiritually Through Cleaning

Living spiritually through cleaning has been something people rarely think about. Everything you own is a reflection of you. Your home, car, yard, and office are all just extensions of who you are. So, if your home or office is cluttered, you may feel tired or sluggish. You may even have trouble breathing.

Cleaning and decluttering help you feel better and think better. Some spiritual practitioners even believed cleaning your home, office, or other spaces help clear out negative energies in your body. There are even rituals for doing such things. Sweeping the floor is a good example because the floors relate to the root chakra and so is business. So sweeping can help you clear the way for good business deals.

It is as simple as stating I am clearing out the negative energies of my body while you are cleaning. It is all in the intention of what you are doing. Most people work better in a clean office. 

Examples of Living Spiritually Through Cleaning

Your car is how you get around and relates to mobility. My father’s car was always filled with trash and cluttered. He had trouble with his legs and walking. He was that way his whole life. As they say, cleanliness is next to godliness.

The kitchen is an example of direct relationship to our energy levels. If, you kitchen cluttered or dirty, you will have less energy. When your kitchen is clean and clutter free, you feel more energized.

Some people may not believe it, but cleaning helps you live more spiritually. Everything we own is an extension of who we are and the energies that surround our bodies. So declutter and cleaning all you own. You will feel better and more energized.

Content by The Spiritual Mystic Brenda Marie ©2021 all right reserved

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Monday, August 9, 2021

Living More Spiritually Through Music

Living More Spiritually Through Music

Living spiritually through music is an easy way to bring spirituality into your life. Who doesn’t love music? Everyone enjoys some type of music. Listening to music that speaks to your soul is spiritual. Singing along with the songs is even better.

We all have a list of songs we love to listen to. Songs that move us. Songs that heal us. Music is the language of the soul. There is not one person who does not enjoy some type of music. 

Living More Spiritually Through Music Lyrics Speaking to the Soul

Some people find their angels, and guides speak to them through the lyrics of songs. This happened to me often while I was writing my book, Writing Through the Soul. Paperback writer by the Beatles was often playing on the radio. For me, the number seven is a message from my angels I am on the right track and living my life purpose. The number seven appears to me often.

Riding With the King by B.B. King and Eric Clapton is another song that came on the radio often while I was writing my book. I took it as I was following my pathway back to God. Do you listen carefully to the lyrics of songs? Do songs just pop into your head for no reason? This could be your guides and angels trying to tell you something.

Having music in our lives helps us to live more spiritually. So turn up the radio and listen to those tunes. Really listen, because maybe your guides or angels are sending you messages. Sing those songs that make your heart glow. Feel your vibration grow. Music is a language of the soul.

Thank-you for reading,
Much Love and light,
The Spiritual Mystic Brenda Marie

Videos are from YouTube.com

Content by The Spiritual Mystic Brenda Marie ©2021 all right reserved

Saturday, August 7, 2021

Living More Spiritually Do What You Love

 Living More Spiritually Do What You Love

People are busy these days and rarely give themselves the time they need. We all need time and space of our own. Even if it’s only fifteen minutes a day. You should take time for yourself.

More often than not, people do not take the time to do the things they love. Singing, painting. Writing, dancing, or spending time with people they love. These are just a few examples. Of course, there are those people who like to be alone and there is nothing wrong with that.

Doing what you love is not always easy. Some people need to schedule time to do the things they love to do. Did you know, when you are doing something you truly love in the depths of your heart, it is a spiritual act. Your body’s vibration will rise.


Not being very handy and I will not say I am a talented painter either. I had this idea in my head for about a year. Wanting to make a memorial garden for my grandfather. I built a bench and painted it gold. I planted a willow tree and rose bush.

A strange thing happened to me while I was putting the bench together and painting it. It felt like I was being divinely guided. While I was putting the bench together, it felt like something was guiding me to do it. Never before, or since have I had a feeling like this, but something or someone divine wanted to me to make that bench. I could feel this wonderful energy flowing through me as I was building the bench.

The building of the bench and planting of the tree and flowers was an act done out of pure love. Love for those I have lost. This bench is a very sacred spot for me in my yard. There is something special about it. Everyone who sees it says how lovely it is. 

I am not saying when you do the things you love, you will get the same feeling I did while I was making the bench. Loving to write, I write often and do not get that feeling while I am writing. I thought the bench would be a splendid example, because of all the love involved.

Living More Spiritually Do What you Love

Doing what you love brings you joy. Joy raises your vibrations and you radiate love and light. People like to be around others when they are at these higher vibrations. We attract better things into our lives when we are doing what we love. Doing what you love helps you live more spiritually.

Thank-you for reading.
Much Love and Light,
The Spiritual Mystic Brenda Marie

Content  and photos by Brenda Marie Fluharty Clapp (The Spiritual Mystic) ©2021 all right reserved

Friday, August 6, 2021

Living More Spiritually By Playing with Pets

 Living More Spiritually By Playing with Pets

Living more spiritually by playing with pets. Pets give love unconditionally, the same as God does. After all, there is a reason dog spelled backwards is God. Pets raise our vibration levels. They go out of their way to make their owners happy. Pets are amazing little creatures so filled with love and happiness. They are so willing to share their love and happiness with humans if we let them. 

Pets have a wonderful way of turning darkness into light. If you are a bad day, a friendly greeting from a loving pet can turn your frown upside down. God made them that way for a reason. Pets seem to absorb darkness of the world.

Living More Spiritually By Playing with Dachshunds

I am a hound lover. My beloved grandfather started my love for hounds. He had a basset hound name Fred. I would carry him around and I loved my pop’s dog.

After my mother passed away, we got a dachshund for my son. Leelee the contented dachshund. He loved her very much. She helped deal with the pain of losing my mother.

After Leelee passed away, my family ended up adopting two more hounds. I had my very own Fed and his little buddy Bella. Fred was an old sweetheart. His idea of playing was laying under a tree watching cars go by.

Bella is a toy junkie. She loved toys to death. She also loves to play ball. Play with dogs can make you laugh and laughter raises your vibration. Sometimes playing with your pets can bring you bliss. I know it has happened to me a few times. So play with your pets every day. It is an absolute joy and a spiritual act. Playing with your pets will help you live more spiritually.

Thank-you for reading.
Much Love and Light,
The Spiritual Mystic Brenda Marie

Content  and photos by Brenda Marie Fluharty Clapp (The Spiritual Mystic) ©2021 all right reserved

Wednesday, August 4, 2021

Living More Spiritually By Grounding and Earthing

 Living more spiritually is easy there are many small things you can do every day to live more spiritually. Grounding and Earthing can be a fun and easy way to bring spirituality into your life. Did you know spending time out in nature is a spiritual practice? I have found many people are not aware of this. Just being outside connecting to nature can be a very spiritual experience. 

I love spending time outdoors in nature. There are so many wonderful things you can see and do. Earthing and grounding are a way to reconnect with the Earth’s energies. Planting flowers is one of my favorite ways of Earthing. I have many lovely flowers in my yard. Enjoying the surrounding trees, they can be breathtaking. Planting a lovely little willow tree. My blue dragon rose bush is one of my favorites.

Gardening and planting is a great way to Earth and ground. You can have so much fun digging in the dirt, planting things you can see live and grow. Planting is a brilliant teacher of the circle of life. The seed we plant grow and die, as all things do. Planting is a glorious way to exchange energies with the earth.

Take some time every day and go out in nature. Enjoy the beauty of all you see. Play in the dirt. Plant some flowers and trees, help the Mother Earth rejuvenate and enjoy all of her gifts. Be more spiritual by grounding and Earthing.

I hope you enjoyed reading about living more spiritually by Earthing and grounding. Have a wonderful day. Thanks for reading.

Much Love and Light,
The Spiritual Mystic Brenda Marie Fluharty

Photos and content by The Spiritual Mystic Brenda Marie ©2021 all right reserved

Monday, August 2, 2021

Living Spiritually

Living Spiritually 

Living Spiritually really is easy to do. There are many ways you can live a spiritual life. Most people think it is difficult, but it’s not. People often want things to be more complex than what they are, especially for things they do not fully understand. Living Spiritually is easy, so people want to overcomplicate it.

I live a very spiritual life. Although I have studied many religions, I am not religious. Being spiritual is all about doing it for yourself and following your own path. I got my basic foundation from studying religions. But through meditation, Reiki, and other spiritual means, I follow my path back to God. I urge others to do the same thing. Learn all you can and make it your own. Walk down your own path of self-discovery and follow that path back to God.

Living Spiritually Series

I have decided to write a series of articles sharing how to live more spiritual lives. There are many ways to live spiritually and I will be writing about many of them. Some ways I am sure you are already doing and that is wonderful. I am also sure there are some things I will write about that you may have never heard of until reading about them here.

I have studied many religions and different cultures and I have incorporated some of their spiritual practices into my life. Through the Living Spiritually series I will share them with you. Living More Spiritually with Sacred Art was the inspiration for this series. 

Stop back for the Living Spiritual Series and feel free to read my other articles.

Thank-you for reading and have a wonderful day.
Much Love and Light!
The Spiritual Mystic Brenda Marie

Content  and photos by Brenda Marie Fluharty Clapp (The Spiritual Mystic) ©2021 all right reserved

Thursday, June 24, 2021

Living More Spiritually With Sacred Art

 Living More Spiritually With Sacred Art

Living in the fast pasted world of today, many people have forgotten how to spiritualize their lives. There are many things you can do to bring spirituality back into your life. One of the easiest things you can do is look at sacred art. 

I am an art lover. There is so much sacred art out there, you could spend your whole life looking at different things and never look at the same piece of artwork twice. You may be thinking, what is sacred art? Sacred art is any type of artwork that is religious, spiritual, or uplifting.

I was looking for photos to use for some of my articles when I came across some wonder sacred works of art. I am a very open-minded person and the artwork I will share crosses many religions. Just looking at artwork can open your spirit and help your soul grow.

Living More Spiritually With Ascension Sacred Art

Studying different Ascension practices is one of the many things I have studied over my lifetime. I have read where just looking at ascension artwork can help you connect to your higher self. It can also help you in your ascension journey. Just looking at artwork can be a very spiritual experience.

                             Buddha Ascends


                                Jesus Ascends

It was a lot more difficult than I thought to find photos I could use for this section. 

Living More Spiritually With Sacred Paintings 

I hope you enjoyed living more spiritually with sacred art works.  Thank-you for reading. Much love and light.

                            The Spiritual Mystic Brenda Marie

Content  by Brenda Marie Fluharty Clapp (The Spiritual Mystic) ©2021 all right reserved

Photos from pixabay.com