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Sunday, September 4, 2022

What is Angel Reiki?


What is Angel Reiki?

Angel Reiki is a powerful protection attunement. Everything and everyone are made of energy and light. Angele Reiki attunes you to the light and energy frequencies of the angels, giving you the ability to ask for their help, guidance, and protection. Making sure you have the right connection is very important. I highly recommend Angel Reiki to be the first attunement anyone does when getting into the practice or Reiki or energy healing.

Angel Reiki is a powerful love enriching system that connects to the Angels and uses the Usui Reiki System. It incorporated the traditional four Reiki symbols. Each symbol is associated with one of the four archangels. One can use it as a standalone or with any other system. Connects the Angels and uses the Usui Reiki System gives more power and strength to your spiritual abilities.

As the number of Lightworkers grows, so does the number of villains of Light. Reiki masters started advising protection techniques. Angels are very protective. They are pure beings of light who want us to be happy and healthy. This inspired Danny Currincks to start the Angel Reiki.

Angels are both a manifestation of the power of God and personifications of that power. Angels transcend every religion, every philosophy, and every doctrine. In fact, angels have no religion. They belong to everyone and everything. Their existence precedes every religious system. Most angels rarely interact with humans unless specifically asked. We all have free will and are masters of our own lives. The angels respect that and will never come to us to impose on our free wills. We need to ask them to help heal us; they do not impose themselves on us. However, when we are ready to work with them, the change is amazing. They make everything the best it can be. If we are ready to work with them, they want nothing back, but our own happiness and gratitude. Guardian Angels are always with us.

To a normal man, angels are the most accessible, and hence they are called for protection. Archangels take particular interest in humans, assisting and strengthening them. Angels are non-denominational; they come to us straight away when we ask for help or healing. They bring pure and higher vibration energies and facilitate the healing to take place. Angels are the loving messengers of God. They always come when you ask with a pure heart for their help. Angels work irrespective of religion, caste & creed. Angels assist you in Light work of any form. You will soon find not only the energy will flow stronger, but miracles will take place if you let it.

The Angel Reiki Attunement combines Angels and traditional Reiki symbols. The Angels are called and requested to assist in the healing. Angels can be called for protection, manifestation, clearing and much more. Angels always have a loving presence and are always willing to come when asked.

Reiki Masters and Angel Reiki?

I was first introduced to Angel Reiki by one of my Reiki Masters, Peg. Peg was huge in not doing any spiritual practice without being protected. She taught me several ways to protect myself spiritual before she taught me anything. This is most likely why I am the same way. As a Reiki Master, I tell everyone, use a few different ways to protect yourself while doing any spiritual practice. There is so much darkness in the world today, everyone needs as much protection as they can get.

Angel Reiki can be self attuned depending on the Reiki Master teaching it. Angel Reiki can be self attuned and was one of the first forms of Reiki that I learned. I believe anyone can attune themselves to the angels whenever they wish. It is symbols, their power, and their connects that Angel Reiki gifts to the receiver. It is a wonderful practice for beginners. Learning the four primary symbols of Reiki and how to draw them. Angel Reiki is a wonderful place for anyone to start. If you are interested in learning Reiki but are not totally sure about it, I highly recommend starting with Angel Reiki.

Much love and Light,
The Spiritual Mystic Brenda Marie

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