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Monday, September 5, 2022

God’s Golden Light Meditation For Grounding


What is the God’s Golden Light Meditation For Grounding?

God’s Golden Light meditation for grounding is a grounding meditation I use several times a day to ground myself. The God’s Golden Light meditation is used for spiritual protection. I have discovered it is also great for grounding. Grounding has never come easy for me. I have tried several grounding techniques. Loving the God’s Golden light meditation, I tried to take it a step further and see if it worked for grounding as well. The God’s Golden Light meditation works great for me.

How to Use the God’s Golden Light Meditation For Grounding?

Take a few deep breaths and relax. Close your eyes. Picture in your mind’s eye a gold circle of light surrounding you. Picture a ray of light coming down to you from the heavens. This ray of light is God’s Golden light. Picture the ray of light going all the way through your body. The golden ray of light travels down your body and out of your feet, going deep into the earth. The golden ray of light goes to the center of the Earth.

Take a few minutes to visualize this connection to the Earth. When you are ready, picture the golden ray of light coming back from the center of the Earth through your body and going back up into the Heavens. Do this several times. I love the number seven and I do it seven times. I recommend you do it at least three times. You will feel fully connected to the Earth.

The God’s Golden Light Meditation can also cleanse areas of negative energies. Picture a Golden ray of light filling a room or building. Watch as the Golden ray fills the room or building. When I do this a can see the gray or dark energies being disbanded from the room.

Thank-you for reading.

Much Love and Light,

The Spiritual Mystic Brenda Marie

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