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Wednesday, June 8, 2022

Spiritual Journey: New Perspectives

This blog has always been about my spiritual journey. Spiritual Journeys are life long adventures. I have been doing Reiki since I was in my 20s. Over the years, I've studied many other practices. I have always wanted to help people on their spiritual journey. Over the years, I have learned and grown. I have many new perspectives on my spiritual journey. These are my conclusions and thoughts after years of study and practice.

Spiritual Journey New Perspectives: Are You A Spiritual Guru or Teacher?

Are you a Spiritual Guru or teacher? I get asked this question all the time. The answer is yes and no. I never wanted to be a guru or spiritual teacher. In fact, I am a healer, but even that is more complicated than it seems. Let me share my new perspectives about spiritual gurus or spiritual teachers.

I shared my spiritual journey, hoping it helps others on their journey. Take what feels right for you and use it on your path. I believe this is what a true guru or spiritual teacher should do. People learn from my articles. So yes, I am a guru or spiritual teacher. It has taken me a lifetime to be alright with being a guru or spiritual teacher. I have learned we each follow our own paths.

My path is to share the things I learn, nothing more. My journey over the years has made me see many viewpoints. I am very grateful for all I have learned. Sharing our knowledge and wisdom with others is part of the journey.

Spiritual Journey New Perspectives: Are You A Spiritual Healer?

Are you a spiritual healer? Yes, I am a spiritual healer. The real question here should be, what does a spiritual healer really do? This is my new perspective on what a spiritual healer actually does for other people.

I have realized over the years, you can heal no one who does not want to be healed. A spiritual healer holds space for people to heal themselves. Spiritual healers help guide people on their paths to healing. Healer show people the way, nothing more.

Why would someone not want to heal? We are humans, as of such, we like what is familiar to us. Many people get comfortable with their pain so much so they enjoy it. This is where shadow work or inner-child healing needs to take place.

Like I said, a healer only guides a person through the healing process. The person the healer is guiding is really the one who does all the work. Healers hold space for people to see their true selves. Helping them understand their lives and the process better. Healers help guide people in the process and hold the person's hand while they go through the process.

Many of us want someone who is there for us. Someone helping guide us and who understands we all need healing processes at some points in our lives. We are all works in progress. A spiritual healer is really just someone who is there for you.

I hope you enjoyed reading about my spiritual journey. My perspectives of what a spiritual guru or teacher and spiritual healers have changed over the years. I hope this article has helped you have a better understanding in some small way. Have a blessed day.

Much Love and light,

The Spiritual Mystic Brenda Marie

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  1. What an interest blog! You are definitely one who is always there for others.