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Monday, October 4, 2021

Spiritual Protection: White Light Meditation

 Spiritual Protection: White Light Meditation

The first thing any spiritual teacher will or should teach you is spiritual protection methods. There are many ways to protect yourself spiritually and to protect your energy. The first method taught to me was the white light circle of protection. Here I am going to share with you two different guided meditations you can use. One is quick and you can do it when you only have little time. The other meditation will go into a deeper meditation.

Spiritual Protection: Circle of White Light Meditation

You can use the circle of white light meditation any time and where. The circle of white light meditation protects your physic energy. Imagine a white light circling your head, going clockwise. Now, see this circle going down your whole body into the grown. It’s that easy!

Spiritual Protection: Ball of White Light Meditation

Relax, breathe in through your nose and out through your mouth. Do this 7 to 10 times and relax even deeper with each breath. Have your feet on the floor. As you breathe in and out, picture white light rising up from the floor. See this white light rising through your body. From your toe to your legs. It moves all the way up your body. This white light goes all the way up to the Heavens. The angels send it back down. It circles your whole body and aura like an enormous ball of white light. 

The white light meditations protect you from negative energies. It also helps protect your own energy as well. Thank-you for reading and have a blessed day.

Much Love and Light,

The Spiritual Mystic Brenda Marie

Content by Brenda Marie Fluharty (The Spiritual Mystic) ©2021, all rights reserved

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