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Sunday, October 3, 2021

How Reiki May Help with Headaches

 How Reiki May help with Headaches

  • How Reiki May Help with Headaches
  • Spiritual Reasons for Headaches
  • Spiritual reasons for Migraine Headaches

How Reiki May Help with Headaches

Did you know there is a personal growth issue or a spiritual issue behind just about every ailment, disease, illness, or disorder? Did you know about 70% of all illnesses are from spiritual blockages? This is according to the Reiki Universal life energy. Reiki is great to help remove spiritual blockages.

Did you know Reiki may reduce the severity and duration of headaches and migraines? Most headaches and migraines are due to stress. It is well known Reiki helps to reduce stress. There may be spiritual reasons for your headache or migraines. Reiki may help with headaches by helping you to relax.

Spiritual Reasons For Headaches

There are many spiritual reasons for headaches. Is your life too demanding? Is there a lot going on in your life? Do you have a tough time letting go? Do you worry too much? If these go on long enough, they can cause you to get a headache. Making you give your body and mind what it needs rest.

A sure way to know if a spiritual blockage caused your headache is if you take something for it and it does not help. Sometimes the only thing that will help with a headache is rest. Lightly placing your hand on or over your head. Think about what is causing your headache will help the problem rise to the surface, making you aware of it and helping you to understand it.

This is using Reiki energy to help with your headache. Yes, it is that easy. Imagine energy coming out of the palm of your hand going into your head. See the energy of your headache. Visualize the headache energy breaking up and disappearing. This is Reiki, and it may reduce the severity and duration of headaches.

Spiritual Reasons for Migraine Headaches

Migraine headaches are often caused by not being able to go with the flow of life. You are resisting something. You may not want to accept something that is happening in your life or someone else. Or you could be too judgmental. There also may be a conflict between your intelligence and your nature. These are all things some people find it difficult to deal with. Because the only authentic way to heal them is to change your way of thinking.

Reiki may help with the migraine pain and severity. Reiki will help you relax. Reiki may break up the blockages and remove them. Unless you are willing to change, the migraines will come back. Sometimes they come back even worse. It’s our bodies’ way of telling us we need to deal with these problems.

Reiki may help with headaches and migraine headaches by helping one relax and reduce stress. Reiki may also help by helping one realize the underlying reasons for the headaches. Helping you to deal with the problems or change your way of thinking.

Thank-you for reading,

Much Love and Light,

The Spiritual Mystic Brenda Marie.

Content by Brenda Marie Fluharty (The Spiritual Mystic) ©2021, all rights reserved

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  1. What an interesting topic! I'm sharing this with a few frit that get migraines!

  2. Love this, Brenda! We need to make this common knowledge, that there are always underlying issues, and they are the most important things to heal, in order to heal the physical problem. Thank you for being a voice, with this truth!

    1. Thank-you so much Jeanine. There are more articles to come.

  3. I can picture the waves flowing from the cranium to the hand.

  4. I should check this out Brenda.. thanks for sharing. definitely a better way to try to help with migraines