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Monday, August 9, 2021

Living More Spiritually Through Music

Living More Spiritually Through Music

Living spiritually through music is an easy way to bring spirituality into your life. Who doesn’t love music? Everyone enjoys some type of music. Listening to music that speaks to your soul is spiritual. Singing along with the songs is even better.

We all have a list of songs we love to listen to. Songs that move us. Songs that heal us. Music is the language of the soul. There is not one person who does not enjoy some type of music. 

Living More Spiritually Through Music Lyrics Speaking to the Soul

Some people find their angels, and guides speak to them through the lyrics of songs. This happened to me often while I was writing my book, Writing Through the Soul. Paperback writer by the Beatles was often playing on the radio. For me, the number seven is a message from my angels I am on the right track and living my life purpose. The number seven appears to me often.

Riding With the King by B.B. King and Eric Clapton is another song that came on the radio often while I was writing my book. I took it as I was following my pathway back to God. Do you listen carefully to the lyrics of songs? Do songs just pop into your head for no reason? This could be your guides and angels trying to tell you something.

Having music in our lives helps us to live more spiritually. So turn up the radio and listen to those tunes. Really listen, because maybe your guides or angels are sending you messages. Sing those songs that make your heart glow. Feel your vibration grow. Music is a language of the soul.

Thank-you for reading,
Much Love and light,
The Spiritual Mystic Brenda Marie

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  1. I was just thinking about turning on some music today. It is not my normal happenstance but I felt a calling to it today. I do believe it is important to listen for the cues in life.

  2. Random songs pop into my head a lot. Many times they are songs that I have not heard in a long time. Or, similar to your example, I may hear the same song on the radio a few times in one week. I like to think that these are messages from my spirit guides. Thank you for writing that these in fact may be my guides sending me a message. You writing that is a sign for me to keep paying attention.

  3. I love to listen to music that has meaning to me. I loved Eric Clapton and BB King's video. Lia is always singing or humming, maybe that's her spirit shining through.

  4. I love music too.It lifts up the soul like few other things do .It's like our souls touch.