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Saturday, August 7, 2021

Living More Spiritually Do What You Love

 Living More Spiritually Do What You Love

People are busy these days and rarely give themselves the time they need. We all need time and space of our own. Even if it’s only fifteen minutes a day. You should take time for yourself.

More often than not, people do not take the time to do the things they love. Singing, painting. Writing, dancing, or spending time with people they love. These are just a few examples. Of course, there are those people who like to be alone and there is nothing wrong with that.

Doing what you love is not always easy. Some people need to schedule time to do the things they love to do. Did you know, when you are doing something you truly love in the depths of your heart, it is a spiritual act. Your body’s vibration will rise.


Not being very handy and I will not say I am a talented painter either. I had this idea in my head for about a year. Wanting to make a memorial garden for my grandfather. I built a bench and painted it gold. I planted a willow tree and rose bush.

A strange thing happened to me while I was putting the bench together and painting it. It felt like I was being divinely guided. While I was putting the bench together, it felt like something was guiding me to do it. Never before, or since have I had a feeling like this, but something or someone divine wanted to me to make that bench. I could feel this wonderful energy flowing through me as I was building the bench.

The building of the bench and planting of the tree and flowers was an act done out of pure love. Love for those I have lost. This bench is a very sacred spot for me in my yard. There is something special about it. Everyone who sees it says how lovely it is. 

I am not saying when you do the things you love, you will get the same feeling I did while I was making the bench. Loving to write, I write often and do not get that feeling while I am writing. I thought the bench would be a splendid example, because of all the love involved.

Living More Spiritually Do What you Love

Doing what you love brings you joy. Joy raises your vibrations and you radiate love and light. People like to be around others when they are at these higher vibrations. We attract better things into our lives when we are doing what we love. Doing what you love helps you live more spiritually.

Thank-you for reading.
Much Love and Light,
The Spiritual Mystic Brenda Marie

Content  and photos by Brenda Marie Fluharty Clapp (The Spiritual Mystic) ©2021 all right reserved

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