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Wednesday, August 4, 2021

Living More Spiritually By Grounding and Earthing

 Living more spiritually is easy there are many small things you can do every day to live more spiritually. Grounding and Earthing can be a fun and easy way to bring spirituality into your life. Did you know spending time out in nature is a spiritual practice? I have found many people are not aware of this. Just being outside connecting to nature can be a very spiritual experience. 

I love spending time outdoors in nature. There are so many wonderful things you can see and do. Earthing and grounding are a way to reconnect with the Earth’s energies. Planting flowers is one of my favorite ways of Earthing. I have many lovely flowers in my yard. Enjoying the surrounding trees, they can be breathtaking. Planting a lovely little willow tree. My blue dragon rose bush is one of my favorites.

Gardening and planting is a great way to Earth and ground. You can have so much fun digging in the dirt, planting things you can see live and grow. Planting is a brilliant teacher of the circle of life. The seed we plant grow and die, as all things do. Planting is a glorious way to exchange energies with the earth.

Take some time every day and go out in nature. Enjoy the beauty of all you see. Play in the dirt. Plant some flowers and trees, help the Mother Earth rejuvenate and enjoy all of her gifts. Be more spiritual by grounding and Earthing.

I hope you enjoyed reading about living more spiritually by Earthing and grounding. Have a wonderful day. Thanks for reading.

Much Love and Light,
The Spiritual Mystic Brenda Marie Fluharty

Photos and content by The Spiritual Mystic Brenda Marie ©2021 all right reserved


  1. I think we are of the same mind, Brenda. I love gardening and out in nature. Love your photos.

  2. Gardening is my therapy. I dig into the earth, and I feel its calmness in my hands. It is so good, and it helps my spirituality to grow.

  3. Being out in nature is therapeutic. I need to find more ways to connect with it.