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Wednesday, August 11, 2021

Death Complying with the Dying’s Wishes

We all know we are going to leave this world some day. Many people dislike thinking about death and dying. It is important to let your loved ones know your wishes before it is too late. Do not let your death me in someone else hands.

I think it is very important to comply with the dying wishes. It is a lack of respect not to comply with their wishes. Yes, this was a tremendous problem for me during my mother’s death, especially. There were issues with my grandfather’s as well. I was not there to witness my godfather’s death. I am grateful for that. But, I can tell you family members who were there still are dealing with them, not doing as my grandfather wished. He did not want to die in a hospital and he cursed my whole family for taking him to one.

I was there for my mother’s death. She wanted to go home. At first, we all agree to take her home. Then, selfishly, my sister changed her mind. Sadly, there was nothing the rest of us could do. She was afraid to die in the hospital. She believed there was no gateway to Heaven in a hospital because it was so full of pain. I still do not talk to my sisters because of what they put my mother through.

I thank God I called my sister or I would have never known my mother was dying. I know she would have never told me. I was there for a reason. I did Reiki for the dying on my mother for two weeks; from the time they admitted her into the hospital until she died. Someday I will write about all I learn, but I am still not ready for that.

No one complied with their wishes and everyone know, what they wanted. Not complying with the dyings’ wishes is a selfish act. Someone's death is their own. Death is a very spiritual moment at the end of life. Many feel the power of the death ceremonies has been handed over to others. This was the case with my grandfather. 

You should always comply with the dying's wishes unless there is a medical reason you cannot. I have made my wishes well known to many. Knowing when I die, they will comply with them. Let people know what you want. I had a legal document written up. Including the name of several Shamen, who can preform the death ceremony the way I wish it to be done. 

Dying is a personal and spiritual process. When able, one should always comply with the dying's wishes. It can make a vast difference in the amount of stress the dying goes through. It can always help the process go faster if their wishes are met.

Thank-you for reading.
Much love and light,
The Spiritual Mystic Brenda Marie

Content and  photo by The Spiritual Mystic Brenda Marie ©2021 all right reserved

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