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Friday, July 23, 2021

What is Money Reiki?


What is Money Reiki?

What is Money Reiki? Getting attuned to Money Reiki will not make you rich. Bringing money to you is not what Money Reiki is about. If you wish to get riches, have someone to cast a spell to get riches for you. 

Money Reiki is about raising the vibrations of money. In today’s society, money has a terrible reputation. Money represents power and greed amongst all humanity. Changing and healing this view of the dollar is what Money Reiki is about. Money Reiki helps you view money in a more spiritual way. All things come from God or source, whatever one calls the higher power. Getting attuned to Money Reiki helps raise your vibrational connection to it.

Money Reiki Attunements are set up a little differently than other Reiki attunements. There are three levels of Money Reiki but not level 1, 2, and master level.

Levels of Money Reiki

Practitioner’s Level
Master Level 
Grand Master Level

Practitioner’s Level of money Reiki

Practitioner level of Money Reiki goes over the basics of Money Reiki. Stating that money problems are problems with energy flow. The different energy related to money. It also goes into positive thinking and positive feelings. Why positive thinking works for some and not for others. Practitioner level goes into the basic of doing Money Reiki for yourself and others.

Master Level of Money Reiki

The Master Level of Money Reiki goes over the theory of Money Reiki. Master level gives you the symbols of money Reiki and how to use them. The Master level shows you how to give the Money Reiki attunement.

Grand Master Level of Money Reiki

The Grand Master Level of Money Reiki goes deeper into the theory of money Reiki. The Grand Master Level gives you cleansing and the underlying issues many people have with money. It also gives ideas on how to help with money issues.

My Problems with Money Reiki

My problems with Money Reiki are few, but I disagree with some points about Money Reiki. Money Reiki can be misleading, which may cause problems for the practitioner if they fully don’t explain what Money Reiki is to their clients. Two in the manual it clearly states that if you don’t charge for money Reiki, it will not work for you or your client. In my point of view, this is putting negative energy around the Money Reiki Process.

Money is energy like anything else.  It all depends on how the energy is used and what it is used for if it's good or evil. Money is an energy that has been misused by some. And, this is what has caused the negitive energy around money.

I hope you enjoyed reading about Money Reiki. Have a wonderful day.

Thank-you for reading. Much love, light, and happiness to all!
Mystic Brenda Marie

Content  Brenda Marie Fluharty Clapp (The Spiritual Mystic) ©2021 all right reserved

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