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Saturday, June 19, 2021

The Spiritual Mystic’s Love and Light: Looking at Yourself in a Better Way


The Spiritual Mystic’s Love and Light

Yes, after some long thought, I brought back the Spiritual Mystic’s love and light. This time around, it’s going to be a little different. This time around the Spiritual Mystic’s love and light is going to be all about self-care, self-awareness, self healing and ways to make your life more spiritual. Of course that is pretty much what this whole blog is about, I share my journey about these things with you. But the Spiritual Mystic’s love and light is all about you, the reader, and helping you discover yourself.

The Spiritual Mystic’s Love and Light: Looking at Yourself in a Better Way

Most people do not see themselves for who they truly are. We are brought into a world that does not promote self-love and self-care. Sadly, the opposite is true. We are made to think by the media and other means if we are not perfect we are not good enough.

 I am going to tell you a human truth. Every person is beautiful in their own way. It’s all about the way you see yourself. If you change the way you see yourself, others will change their view of you for the better.

I know changing the way you see yourself is difficult. I went through a tremendous change of view on the ways I saw myself. It took time and effort to change the way I saw myself, and it did not happen overnight. But, it worked for me and I am going to tell you, yes, it will work for you. If you will do the work and put in the effort to change yourself. 

The Spiritual Mystic’s Love and Light: Looking at Yourself in a Better Way Using Self-Prayers and Matras

You may ask yourself what is a self-prayer or Matras? Self-prayers or Matras are nothing more than little sayings or prayers you tell yourself repeatedly throughout your day. Over time, you believe these prayers and Matras. They sink in as some people say.

Anything is possible if you think it’s possible. This was one of the first Matras, or self-prayer, I started using about 20 years ago. Back then I did not think self talk and Motras worked. Over time, I changed my view of Matras. I discovered yes; they work. I used them several times a day, every day. Using Matras is also a way to be more spiritual. Believe it or many spiritual healers and teachers use Matras daily.

Examples of Self-Prayer and Matras

I am beautiful inside and outside
I am brave and strong
I speak in a calm understanding matter
I can do this, I can do anything
I am not afraid
I will get this job
I am worthy of peace, love, happiness, and prosperity
I am great at what I do
I will overcome this
I am loved
I love myself
I am smart
I am creative
I am a good wife, mother, sister, husband, brother, father, extra
I will have a highly productive day
I will figure this out
I am a prominent business person
This will work
I see love everywhere

Remember, when using self-prayer or Matras, use them often. Over time, you will see a difference. The Matras and self-prayer examples are ones I have used. If they ring with you, then use them and try making up your own. Learn as much as possible and make it your own. I hope you found this article useful.

Much Love and Light

The Spiritual mystic Brenda Marie

Content and photos by Brenda Marie Fluharty (The Spiritual Mystic) ©2021 all right reserved


  1. Hi Brenda, Thank you for sharing your light and love. The matras are very similar to affirmations I say during meditation, prayer, and mirror work I learned from Louise Hay books. These help with my mindset, mood, and focus. Much gratitude for your post. Sending lots of love and energy. Jaime

    1. I have found there are many names for many different spiritual ideas, but the work is the same. Much love and light to you, Jamie.

  2. That prayer was similar to the one my granddaughter was praying and she now has inner peace and rebuilding her life. I'm so glad you brought back the Spiritual Mystic!

    1. I think, I needed to do some work on myself before I could go back to trying to help other people. Poetry heals my soul.