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Thursday, June 18, 2020

Spiritual Protection: The Magic Willow Tree

Spiritual Protection: The Magic Willow Tree

The willow tree is the wisest of all trees. The willow is believed to be one of the oldest trees on Earth. It is thought that the willow tree holds the secrets and wisdom of the universe. The willow tree is used in many spiritual practices.  It wood is used to make different spiritual protection objects.

The Magic Willow Tree

When one thinks of the willow tree, they often think of sadness because of the weeping willow. We should not see the mighty willow tree this way. The willow tree has a reputation for being associated with magic, religion, and medicine. Some people even see the willow tree as the tree of life. The willow tree is one of the easiest trees to grow. They love a moist ground. The willow tree has many varieties and is grown all over the world. The willow tree has long, sturdy branches with bright green leaves the branches often touch the ground. The willow tree flowers in early spring. The flowers are a vibrant purple color. It is a lovely tree.

The mighty willow tree holds in its many healing properties. The most popular way to use these healing properties is to make tea out of the flower, bark or leaves. The tea helps reduce inflammation and pain that comes along with many illnesses. Willow tea is also great for digestive problems. It is can be used to help with many female problems, as well.

The willow tree is thought to be one of the most spiritual trees on the planet. We use the wood of the willow in making many spiritual items like wands and talismans. The leaves, flowers and bark of the willow tree are often burned in many ceremonies. It is thought that the willow enhances energies and awareness. 

The willow tree is a mighty tree believe to hold the wisdom of the universe. It holds within it many healing and spiritual powers. Maybe even some that are still unknown to mankind. These trees should be handled gracefully and with respect. They have been on the earth for thousands of years.

Content by Brenda Marie Fluharty (The Spiritual Mystic) ©2020 all right reserved

photos from pixabay.com


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