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Saturday, June 20, 2020

Spiritual Mystic’s Loving Light: Self- Love Saturday Challenge

Spiritual Mystic’s Loving Light: Self- Love Saturday Challenge

Self-love Saturday Challenge.  It is said one of the toughest things for any human soul to do is show self-love.  It’s easy for us to give our love away to any other person, place or thing.  When it comes to loving ourselves, we have a hard time.  Showing yourself love is caring about you.  People need to learn to be their own best friend.  There is nothing wrong with loving yourself and the person you worked hard to become.

The Self-love Saturday Challenge was started to show yourself some love and appreciation. I often find is difficult to find time to write. I enjoy writing and it means a lot to me when I find the time in my busy life to write. Sometimes, I have to force myself to make the time to write. I am trying to work out a plan where I am writing daily. I also love to be outside. I find writing outside very inspiring. I did it often when I was young. I spent the day on my deck writing. 

Please join me in the Self- Love Saturday Challenge!
Much Love and Light,
Brenda Marie The Spiritual Mystic

Content and photo by Brenda Marie Fluharty (The Spiritual Mystic) ©2020 all rights reserved

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