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Sunday, May 31, 2020

The Spiritual Mystic’s Loving Light: Soul Healing Card Reading

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The Spiritual Mystic’s Loving Light: Soul Healing Card Reading

Spiritual Mystic’s Loving Light

The Spiritual Mystic’s Loving Light is a part of this blog where I share inspiration, love, and good words people can use every day. I want to help put a smile on people’s faces.  I want to bring a little joy, happiness, and inspiration into the world.  The Spiritual Mystic’s Loving Light is my way of adding a little light into people’s day.

The Spiritual Mystic’s Loving Light: Soul Healing Card Reading/ Not Tarot Reading

First off, I want to explain; I do not do tarot cards readings.  I can highly recommend a few people who do tarot card readings.  The first one is Readings from the heart by Cyndy Redmon Fisher.  Here is the link to her Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/GuidanceForLife/.  I have had a few readings done from Cyndy and I can happily say she has an amazing gift.  The second one I highly recommend is Donna Marie Crawford - psychic / medium.  She is wonderful and does a daily card on Facebook.  Donna’s website will give you more information  Intuitive Psychic Medium Donna Marie Crawford.  Last, if you are into alchemy, I highly recommend Aethereal Alchemy at https://www.facebook.com/AetherealAlchemy/  .

The Spiritual Mystic’s Loving Light: What is a Soul Healing Card Reading?

What is a soul healing card reading?  A soul healing card reading is just what it sounds like, it helps heal the soul.  It does not predict the future. A soul healing reading helps you become more self-aware and helps you heal.

The Spiritual Mystic’s Loving Light: Soul Healing Card Reading For 5/31/2020

The Soul Card reading for 5/31/2020 is Judgement.  Are you too hard on yourself?  Do you have good or bad judgement? Many times when people see the judgement card they think of what other judge them by, but it can also mean how one judges themselves.  Try not to be too hard on yourself.  We are our own worst enemy and tend to be very critical of ourselves. This card asks you to look deep down and see how you judge yourself and others?

Thank-you for reading.  Much love, light, and happiness to all!

Photos and content by Brenda Marie Fluharty (The Spiritual Mystic) ©2020 all right reserved


  1. I know someone who is extremely hard on herself and she shouldn't be. Definitely sharing this with her. Thank you Brenda!