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Tuesday, March 24, 2020

The Spiritual Mystic’s Loving Light: Hope In These Dark Days

Spiritual Mystic’s Loving Light

The Spiritual Mystic’s Loving Light is a part of this blog where I share inspiration, love, and good words people can use every day. I want to help put a smile on people’s faces.  I want to bring a little joy, happiness, and inspiration into the world.  The Spiritual Mystic’s Loving Light is my way of a little light into people’s day.

The Spiritual Mystic’s Loving Light:  Hope in These Dark Days

I hope everyone is doing their best to keep their minds thinking positive. I am trying to do that myself. There is a lot going on in my life right now.  It has always been one of my childhood dreams to be a writer.  I know I am already a writer.  But I have always wanted to have an impact with my writing. I have wanted to help people with my writing,

Last month,  I was asked to help work on a book project.  I wrote a poem.  That poem was published in a poetry collection book along with 86 other poems in a book called Break the Silence.  It is an anthology of poems against domestic violence.  Brenda Mohammed was the wonderful person who came up with this amazing idea.  I am very blessed and grateful to have been a part of this wonderful project.

Break the Silence filled with poetry from some amazing poetry that gives hope to those who have faced or are facing domestic violence. I am honored to have been a part of this project. I would like to thank Brenda Mohammed and all the other poets for letting me be a part of this project.

Thank-you for reading.  Much love, light, and happiness to all!

Photos and content by Brenda Marie Fluharty (The Spiritual Mystic) ©2020 all right reserved

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