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Wednesday, November 6, 2019

Spiritual Protection:  The Best Spiritual Protection is Homemade

Spiritual Protection:  The Best Spiritual Protection is Homemade

The best spiritual protection products are homemade.  This is because when something is made by you, you are adding a part of you to it.  In other words, you are making it yours.  I realize, one cannot always make their own items.   I do not always make my own.  Part of this is because of time and part of it is the lack of knowledge.  

When I do not have time or lack the knowledge, I try to get products homemade by others.  This is because something that is homemade is a pure product.  By saying a prayer when you use them, you are making them yours. One of my favorite places to get pure products from is Sunshine’s Homestead Creations. Three of the products I buy and use most often from Sunshine’s Homestead Creations are the Clary Sage, Cedarwood, and sandalwood sprays.

Spiritual Protection: Cedarwood

I regularly use Cedarwood for meditation purposes.  Cedarwood purifies all energies.  Cedarwood helps you to balance and feel connected to the higher-self or God.  It helps release and heal from toxic emotional traumas.  Cedarwood is known to help heighten meditative states and make you feel more at peace.  Cedarwood is also useful in helping with past life therapy and regressions. It helps to release unknown blockages.   I highly recommend using cedarwood spray during all meditative practices.

Spiritual Protection: Sandalwood

Sandalwood is used to increase spiritual protection.  Sandalwood is an excellent tool to use to help raise your vibrations and the vibrations of your sacred space.  It helps to stimulate and protect the crown chakra.  Sandalwood is often used as an aid to help heighten your spiritual gifts.  I believe it helps visions come through clearer and more defined when sandalwood is used in ceremonies.

Spiritual Protection: Clary Sage

I believe Clary sage like regular sage is one of the strongest things used to remove and banish negative energies.  It is very powerful in helping remove and clear negative and bad emotions.   I also believe Clary sage helps strengthen the power of the third eye chakra.  Helping you to raise your vibrations so that your visions are seen more clearly and give you and even better understanding.

I use all three Clary sage, Cedarwood, and sandalwood sprays in my ceremonies.  I spray not only myself, but the full area where my ceremony will be performed.  This not only helps protect myself and the areas I am using but it heightens the vibrations and performances of the ceremonies themselves.  Abling me to better help myself and others. You can buy these sprays from Sunshine Homestead Creations.  You can get the spray separately or in a lovely Spiritual package.

Throughout this article are links to Sunshine’s Homestead Creations website and products.  I do not get any compinsations if you buys these products.  I am a strong believer in these products and how well they work.

Photos provided by Sunshine's Homestead Creations

Content by Brenda Marie Fluharty (The Spiritual Mystic) ©2019 all right reserved


  1. Thank you for this knowledge, I was not aware of the benefits of the cedarwood, snadalwood or clary sage.

    1. There are also many healing proties of sandalwood, cedarwood, and clay say.