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Friday, November 1, 2019

Helping You Interpret Your Dreams By Explaining Mine

The Spiritual Mystic’s Guide to Dream Interpretation
Helping You Interpret Your Dreams By Explaining Mine

I have decided, to help other’s with their dreams by explaining some of mine.  Dreams are a gateway into self-discovery.  They can  help us improve our lives.  Or, they can help us have a better understanding of ourselves.  They can also help us face things we may not want to face.

A Background of What Was Going On in My Life When I Had this Dream

I had been very busy.  My family moved into a new home and I had gotten a job away from the house.  It was the first time I had worked away from home in over ten years.  I had written a little here and there.  But, I was not writing like I want to.  I never seemed to have the time.  Or, when I had the time, I was too tired.  I started having visions of myself as a little girl crying.  It turns out that this was my inner child.  She was trying to tell me something very important.  Because of all the changes that were taking place, I was not listening.

Childhood memories of my grandfather started popping into my head.  They were strange memories.  Things like my grandfather pounding on the kitchen table, telling the rest of my family to listen to my stories.  Me reading my poetry to my grandfather’s dog.  Still, I was not listening to what my subconscious was trying to tell me.

My whole body was sore all the time.  I thought, it was because of the move and me standing on my feet all day.  I started giving myself Reiki Treatments as much as possible.  It had been months since I have remembered any dreams I have had.  I had a dream that some may see as a nightmare.

Dream:  The Voice

I had a strange dream.  I was in a house; it was nighttime, and the place was very dark.   It was so dark you could hardly see anything.  I was in a living room.  I was crawling across the floor.  I was trying to reach someone.  It turned out the person I was trying to reach was Roscoe Lee Brown.    I grabbed his leg, and he looked down at me.  I said, help me, help me, help me.  Then I woke up. 

One thing you need to know it even as a young girl I was a fan of Roscoe Lee Brown’s.  I loved the sound of his voice.  I have always had this thing about the sound of men’s voices.  There are many celebrities that I like just because of the way their voice sounds.

What the Dream:  The Voice Ment to Me

I had written a little here and there all year long.  But, I have had many writing projects and novels that I have wanted to work on.  I put all of my writing on the back burner when we moved.  This year was just not a good year for me as far as writing went.  I did not even have 50 posts on my blog.

I am almost 45 years old.  Both of my parents never made it to 66 years old.  My lifelong dream has always been to be an author.  I had forgotten this somewhere along the way.  I had just rediscovered my love for writing poetry and short stories.  When suddenly, I had to stop because we moved.

Writing anything is the author’s voice.  This is where Roscoe Lee Brown comes in.  I want my voice to be heard.  I have always wanted my voice to be heard.  But, it took me a long time to build up the confidence to even share my poetry and short stories online.  I have many books in the works and I want to write and publish them.  I was not even giving myself the time to work on any of them.  That was where me as a little girl crying comes in.  I am a writer and I need to write.

Dreaming about calling for help is an attempt to better understand an unknown part of yourself.  In my case, it’s the unknown, fear of not being good enough to be an author, that was coming through.   Crawling crossed the floor has to do with your basic feelings and confidence in yourself. 

It had and has always been my lack of self confidence in my writing ability that has prevented me from finishing any novel I have ever started to write.  This dream gave me great insight to myself.  Things have slowly changed for me over the years and I am much more confident in my writing ability.  But, the fear that I am not good enough to be an author, is still with me.  This is something that I have to face or my lifelong dream will never come true.

I hope this post helps someone have a better understanding of dream interpretation.

I have since having this dream published dream journals.

Photos and content by Brenda Marie Fluharty (The Spiritual Mystic) ©2019 all right reserved


  1. Of Coarse you are good enough! I wanna read what is in your head, so please get it out and published. Don`t make me wait long little sister.

  2. You are not the only one. November is National Novel Writing Month and I am working on it , as I write this I have the candles burning ready to hear from the angels and write what they wish to be said.

  3. This is very informative and enlightening. You've the spiritual talent to interpret dreams. You're a mystic so to speak.

  4. I believe that it is very important for people to learn how and to interprat their dreams. I offer a guide to help them. I am a person who shares their Spiritual knowledge. Yes, i have been called a Mystic.