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Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Spiritual Protection: God’s Golden Light Meditation

Spiritual Protection: God’s Golden Light Meditation

God’s Golden light is a form of spiritual protection.  It is used by many spiritual workers and called by many names. The name it’s called depend on the religion of the spiritual worker.  No matter what you call it,  it is used in the same way and the meditation is basically the same.  One should always make meditations their own as adding your own personal touch strengthens the power of the meditation for you.

Spiritual Protection: God’s Golden Light Meditation - Guided meditation

Take a few deep breaths and relax.  Close your eyes.  Picture in your mind’s eye a gold circle of light surrounding you.  Picture a ray of light coming down to you from the heavens.  This ray of light is God’s Golden light.  It fills the circle that surrounds with God’s love and protection. This circle of golden light guards and protects.  Nothing can get into this circle of golden light. The golden light is impenetrable.   Only you can remove it. To remove it ask that the circle be removed.

Once you have done this you are free to do your spiritual work, knowing that God’s Golden light protects you.  Many people use this for meditation, healing work, working with stones or crystals or other light work.  God’s Golden light can protect property.  Just picture the circle of Golden light surrounding the property you wish to protect and filling up with the Golden light from Heaven.  

I hope you enjoyed this article on God’s Golden Light and guided mediation God’s Golden light.  For more information on spiritual protection, please read Why is Spiritual Protection Needed?
For more information on meditation, please read Meditation From Simple to Complex.

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Mystic Brenda Marie

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  1. Thank You, I want to learn how to meditate

    1. I plan on doing more of these ones. When you are gardening you most likely do if, you just let you mind wonder.