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Tuesday, June 4, 2019

Basic Spiritual Protection Water

Spiritual Protection: Water

Water is one of the most basic forms of Spiritual protection.  Most people do not think of water when they think of Spiritual Protection.  In fact, water is one of the most prominent forms of spiritual protection.  Water cleanses the mind, body and soul.  Water purifies and protects your aura.

 Spiritual Protection Water: Bathing

Often we do not think of bathing as spiritual protection.  Bathing daily removes all the negativity from the world around you from your body and Aura.  Plus, there are herb and essential oils to help remove deep-rooted negativity from your aura.  Many people enjoy soaking in  the tub with flowers, herbs and oils.  This can be very relaxing.

Bathing your home and spiritual areas helps keep negative energies away.   Before doing any spiritual work, take a bath and bathe or cleansing the tools and space.  This will remove the basic everyday negative energies from the room, tools and your body.   I recommend using sage, sandalwood, and candles  for a deeper cleansing of tools and rooms.

 Spiritual Protection Water: Rituals 

Many Rituals use water as a basic form of protection.  Spiritual healers will have a container of water place somewhere when they are doing any spiritual work.  Water draws in negative energies.  Some will even put a few drops of sage in the water for extra protection.  I highly recommend using a disposable container.

 If you do not use a disposable container for the water, I recommend disposing of the water and washing the container right away.  The best way to do this is empty the water in the sink and let the warm water run down the drain for at least 60 seconds.  Wash the container with soap and water.

 Spiritual Protection Water: Next to Your Bed While You Sleep

Many people have a glass of water by their bedside.  They do not realize by placing the water by their bed they are protecting themselves while they sleep.  Water pulls in the negative energies we become more susceptible to while we sleep. You should never drink the water in the morning when you awaken.  Empty the water and wash the glass thoroughly as stated above.

I hope this article gives you a better understanding of how water helps with spiritual protection.  Thank-you for reading.  For more information on Spiritual Protection Please Read Why is Spiritual Protection Needed?

Love and Light, 
    Mystic Brenda Marie

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