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Saturday, May 4, 2019

Spiritual Protection: The Star Of Bethlehem Flowers

Spiritual Protection:  The Star Of Bethlehem Flowers

Spiritual protection can come in any form.  Sometimes one’s Guardian Angels send Spiritual Protection, in ways we may have never thought about.  The Star Of Bethlehem flowers are signs of spiritual protection.  The Star Of Bethlehem is a small white flower.  They bloom in spring and summer months.  Just the name of this flower implies something spiritual about them.

Star Of Bethlehem Spiritual Protection for your home.

The Star Of Bethlehem flowers are a spiritual protection for your home and all the dwellers inside.   They are small white flowers in the lily family.  White is a sign of purity and protection.  They can also be a sign of hope and new beginnings.  The Star Of Bethlehem can be ingested and have the same effects.  Although, they do not have a good taste.  You can make a tea from the flowers and stems for a better taste.  You can pick these flowers and put some in each room of your home for much stronger protection and purifying effects.

When the Star Of Bethlehem flowers surround your house, it is a powerful sign.  You are being strongly protected  and purified. Some people see these flowers as a sign of hope from God. 

I hope you enjoyed reading about the Star Of Bethlehem’s spiritual protection properties.   

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  1. Beautiful. I just found some popping up in front of my new house. Already have mints and lemon balm, thyme, stinging nettles, wild lettuce,; a lot of st. Johns wort, rosemary (which i love!!) Transplanted local wild geranium, sweet woodruff & hairy wood mint. Nature is so beautiful and truly magic. My 4 year old son already loves it. Now seeing this protection right on the way to my door :) how lovely. Have a great day and nice writing. Please do reply with any more positive info!!! Thank u