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Monday, May 13, 2019

Meaning of Dreams About Money

Meaning of Dreams About Money

The things that are going on in your life and the world around you effects what you dream about. Always remember you are the best person to interpret your dreams.  You know what the symbols mean to you.  This article is just a guide to help you have a better understanding of the symbol money in dreams.

General Meaning of Money in Dreams

The general meaning of money in dreams is money represents the things we value.  This could be anything you hold dear to you.  Any and everything you value in your life could be represented as money in your dreams. You must understand what is going on in your life when the dream takes place.  Dreams about money, the money represents the things you value the most at the time of the dream.

Different Meanings of Dreams About Money

Holding on to money means you are feeling insecure,  you lack self confidence in many areas of your life.

Not having enough money in your dreams means the same thing it does in reality.  It means you have a sense you are irresponsible in life.  You are not living up to your own expectations. 

To dream that you get money means good business sense.

To dream you lose money means disappointment soon.

To dream you are counting money and there is a problem means you cannot meet your financial needs.

To dream you find money means you will gain something of value.  If you are facing difficulties at the time of the dream, it means they will soon end.  Things will get better.

When we dream it is our subconscious mind trying to tell us something.  It is our job to figure out what the subconscious wants us to know.  There are symbols in dreams that can help us figure out what the dreams mean.  I hope this article gives you a better understanding of the meaning of money in dreams.

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  1. Thanks, I am always interested in what dreams mean.

    1. Different things have different meanings to different people. You are the best person to understand what your dreams mean. These articles are just a general meanings.