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Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Visions of My Death

Visions of My Death

I have had many visions of my death.  I am not afraid of dying nor have I ever been afraid of death.  All of the visions that I have had were very peaceful and happy.  I know, that when my time comes to leave this world, I will die a good death with my son by my side.

Visions of My Death at Seventeen

The first time I ever had a vision of my death was shortly after my father’s mother passed away.  This was the first time in my life that someone close to me had died.  My vision was of an older woman who looked like me.  At the time, I didn’t realize; I was having a vision of my death.  There was a man standing beside the woman holding her hand.  This man was in his forties; he had long red hair, a beard, and a mustache.  I know that the man was this woman’s son and that she was dying.  The man watched as the woman’s soul left her body.  He was holding her hand as her soul left her body.  The man was crying.  The vision was over.

It wasn’t until after the birth of my son that I had realized this dream that I had and could never forget was a vision of my death.  It brought me great peace as I knew, I would not die alone, and I would die a very peaceful death.

Vision of My Death at Thirty-Five

This vision came to me shortly before my mother died.  I was a mother now, and my son meant the world to me.  I worried about him as all mothers do.  Will my son live a happy life?  Will he get married and have a family of his own?  This vision answered those questions for me.  This time, I know, I was having a vision of my death.

The woman lying on her deathbed in her home was clearly me, at an older age.  There was a white husky dog lying beside the woman on the bed. The dog laying its head on the woman was lightly whimpering as if it was in pain.  The woman was surrounded by her family; her son, his wife, and their three children two girls and one little boy.  The dying woman gives each one of the children a piece of her jewelry.  She tells them the story behind the piece of jewelry that she gives each one of them.

The children leave the room.  The older woman pets the dog that is lying by her side.  Soon her hand no longer moved, the dog and the woman die at the same time. Now, I know, my spirit animal is the wolf.  All my life I have long for a husky dog.  You all know the dog is the cousin to the wolf.

I will die a peaceful death.  I will go to the next world knowing that my son is happy and healthy.  These visions have brought great comfort to me.  Death is nothing to be afraid of; it is only our souls being purified and changing form.

Photos and content by Mystic Brenda Marie ©2019 all right reserved

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