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Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Meanings of Dreams About Blood

Meanings of Dreams About Blood

When we dream it is our subconscious mind trying to tell us something.  It is our job to figure out what the subconscious wants us to know.  There are symbols in dreams that can help us figure out what the dreams mean.  In this article you will learn the meanings for the symbol of blood in dreams.

Blood gives us life and energy.  Blood gives us a family and Universal connections. It carries the spirit of life. Dreaming about blood or bleeding has several  meanings.

To have a dream about yourself bleeding is a telling of bad things to come. It could be some misfortune. It could mean that people or things are turning against you.

Having a dream in which you are bleeding is not a good thing. The amount of blood you see in a dream indicates how bad things will get. This also depends on your interpretation of the amount of blood.  Everyone sees things differently.


A man dreams he worked in a sawmill. He cuts his hand badly. He wraps a towel around his hand, but the blood keeps coming through. He goes through many towels.

This man ended up having his wife leave him. It turned out she was seeing someone else. They had been married for ten years. The man did not understand why his wife was cheating on him. His divorce wasn’t easy, it was a long battle. His wife betrayed him in every way she could.

His dream was for-telling about his wife of over ten years and her family turning against him.

Dreaming about blood can have many meanings like everything else. It depends on what is going on in your life at the time of the dream.

Dreaming of blood flowing from a wound means illness or sickness, and a lot of worries. This doesn’t mean you will become ill. It could be someone you know.


 A woman had a dream someone she knew was murdered. In the dream, there was blood all over the floor, and everywhere. It was flowing like a river.

A few months later, the woman discovered that her sister had throat cancer. Her dream was letting her know an illness was coming, and she would worry about the illness for a long time.

Sometimes dreaming when about blood, the dream is trying to tell you it is time to deal with your past. These dreams are crucial.   Remembering and writing every detail you can think of is imperative in trying to help you heal.
When we are hurt and traumatized throughout our lives. Sometimes, we don’t even realize just how badly something has affected us. Our dreams are trying to help us heal from this.


A young woman dreams she is in her grandparent’s kitchen. She is helping her grandmother bake bread. Her grandfather appears in the kitchen. The girl notices him, but ends up cutting her finger badly.

The young woman who dreamed this was close to her grandfather. He was a huge part of her life when she was a little girl. Her grandfather passed away when she was in her teens. It didn’t seem to bother the girl. When she got older, she realized the loss of her grandfather bothered her deeply. She longed for him. She was young and immature when her grandfather passed. She didn’t have a full understanding of death. She never gave herself a chance to grieve the loss of her grandfather.

The dream was trying to tell the young woman it was time to face her grief about the loss of her beloved grandfather.

Meanings of Dreams About Blood Are Not Always Bad

Dreams about blood are not always bad.  They are usually trying to let the dreamer know something will happen.  There is a good side to dreaming about blood.  When one dreams about blood on its own with no human or animals, it is a good sign.  Depending on the amount of blood, a little blood means you will achieve a goal you have set for yourself.  Dreaming of a large amount of blood means success.

I hope this article helped give you a better understanding of the meaning of blood in dreams.  Thank-you for reading. 

Much Love and Light.

The Spiritual Mystic Brenda Marie Fluharty


  1. I had always heard dreaming of blood was about money coming.

    1. Different people past along different meaning about dreams. That is why I make it clear that you are the best person to interpret your dreams. Different things have different meanings to different people.