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Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Meanings of Dreams About Blood

Meanings of Dreams About Blood

When we dream it is our subconscious mind trying to tell us something.  It is our job to figure out what the subconscious wants us to know.  There are symbols in dreams that can help us figure out what the dreams mean.  In this article you will learn the meanings for the symbol of blood in dreams.

Blood gives us life. Blood gives us energy.  Blood gives us family and Universal connections. Blood  carries the spirit of life. Dreaming about blood or bleeding has several  meanings.

To have a dream about yourself bleeding is a telling of bad things to come. It could be some misfortune. It could mean that people or things are turning against you.

Having a dream in which you are bleeding is not a good thing. The amount of blood you see in a dream indicates how bad things will get. This also depends on your interpretation of the amount of blood.  Everyone sees things differently.


A man dreams he worked in a sawmill. He cuts his hand badly. He wraps a towel around his hand, but the blood keeps coming through. He goes through many towels.

This man ended up having his wife leave him. It turned out she was seeing someone else. They had been married for ten years. The man did not understand why his wife was cheating on him. His divorce wasn’t easy, it was a long battle. His wife betrayed him in every way she could.

His dream was for-telling about his wife of over ten years and her family turning against him.

Dreaming about blood can have many meanings like everything else. It depends on what is going on in your life at the time of the dream.

Dreaming of blood flowing from a wound means illness or sickness, and a lot of worries. This doesn’t mean you will become ill. It could be someone you know.


 A woman had a dream someone she knew was murdered. In the dream, there was blood all over the floor, and everywhere. It was flowing like a river.

A few months later, the woman discovered that her sister had throat cancer. Her dream was letting her know an illness was coming, and she would worry about the illness for a long time.

Sometimes dreaming when about blood, the dream is trying to tell you it is time to deal with your past. These dreams are crucial.   Remembering and writing every detail you can think of is imperative in trying to help you heal.
When we are hurt and traumatized throughout our lives. Sometimes, we don’t even realize just how badly something has affected us. Our dreams are trying to help us heal from this.


A young woman dreams she is in her grandparent’s kitchen. She is helping her grandmother bake bread. Her grandfather appears in the kitchen. The girl notices him, but ends up cutting her finger badly.

The young woman who dreamed this was close to her grandfather. He was a huge part of her life when she was a little girl. Her grandfather passed away when she was in her teens. It didn’t seem to bother the girl. When she got older, she realized the loss of her grandfather bothered her deeply. She longed for him. She was young and immature when her grandfather passed. She didn’t have a full understanding of death. She never gave herself a chance to grieve the loss of her grandfather.

The dream was trying to tell the young woman it was time to face her grief about the loss of her beloved grandfather.

Meanings of Dreams About Blood Are Not Always Bad

Dreams about blood are not always bad.  They are usually trying to let the dreamer know something will happen.  There is a good side to dreaming about blood.  When one dreams about blood on its own with no human or animals, it is a good sign.  Depending on the amount of blood, a little blood means you will achieve a goal you have set for yourself.  Dreaming of a large amount of blood means success.

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Visions of My Death

Visions of My Death

I have had many visions of my death.  I am not afraid of dying nor have I ever been afraid of death.  All of the visions that I have had were very peaceful and happy.  I know, that when my time comes to leave this world, I will die a good death with my son by my side.

Visions of My Death at Seventeen

The first time I ever had a vision of my death was shortly after my father’s mother passed away.  This was the first time in my life that someone close to me had died.  My vision was of an older woman who looked like me.  At the time, I didn’t realize; I was having a vision of my death.  There was a man standing beside the woman holding her hand.  This man was in his forties; he had long red hair, a beard, and a mustache.  I know that the man was this woman’s son and that she was dying.  The man watched as the woman’s soul left her body.  He was holding her hand as her soul left her body.  The man was crying.  The vision was over.

It wasn’t until after the birth of my son that I had realized this dream that I had and could never forget was a vision of my death.  It brought me great peace as I knew, I would not die alone, and I would die a very peaceful death.

Vision of My Death at Thirty-Five

This vision came to me shortly before my mother died.  I was a mother now, and my son meant the world to me.  I worried about him as all mothers do.  Will my son live a happy life?  Will he get married and have a family of his own?  This vision answered those questions for me.  This time, I know, I was having a vision of my death.

The woman lying on her deathbed in her home was clearly me, at an older age.  There was a white husky dog lying beside the woman on the bed. The dog laying its head on the woman was lightly whimpering as if it was in pain.  The woman was surrounded by her family; her son, his wife, and their three children two girls and one little boy.  The dying woman gives each one of the children a piece of her jewelry.  She tells them the story behind the piece of jewelry that she gives each one of them.

The children leave the room.  The older woman pets the dog that is lying by her side.  Soon her hand no longer moved, the dog and the woman die at the same time. Now, I know, my spirit animal is the wolf.  All my life I have long for a husky dog.  You all know the dog is the cousin to the wolf.

I will die a peaceful death.  I will go to the next world knowing that my son is happy and healthy.  These visions have brought great comfort to me.  Death is nothing to be afraid of; it is only our souls being purified and changing form.

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A Look at Myths About Dreams

A Look at Myths About Dreams 

These days more and more people realize their dreams. People realize some dreams have meaning. There are many myths about dreams. In this article I will talk about some top dreaming myths. You will learn about dreaming myths and the facts.

Every person on earth dreams every night.  Just because you cannot remember your dreams does not mean that you are not dreaming.   We have four or five dreams a night. There are many myths about dreaming and many facts about dreaming. Here are some myths about dreams and the facts that correspond to them.

Myths and Facts About Dreams

Myth: Customary dreams customary meanings.

Fact: This is defiantly not true. We are all different and have had different experiences. Different things have different meanings to different people.

Two people may have the same dream, but the dream will mean something different to each person. This is because their experiences, beliefs, and backgrounds are different.

For example, a dream about a crow can mean death, enlightenment, spiritual growth, negative aspects of oneself, fear or unconscious awareness. It all depends on the personal beliefs of the dreamer. This is the reason you are the best person to interpret your dreams.

Myth: All people can control their dreams while they have them.

Fact: Only about 10% of people realize they are dreaming during a dream and only about 10% of people who realize they are dreaming can control some aspects of the dream. 

Realizing you are dreaming and being able to control what you are dream differs slightly from Lucid dreaming where you can control what you are dreaming.  For more about Lucid dreaming read Understanding Lucid Dreams.

Myth: Dreams only happen when people are in a deep state of sleep.

Fact: This is way off, you can dream in every state of sleep, from the lightest to the deepest states. Think about the daydreams. Some people see the images of the dreams while they are awake.   Think about what happens when you read a good book.  Some people get so wrapped up in a book, they can see themselves living the story.

Myth: Daydreaming reduces one's ability to get things done.

Fact: While daydreaming at the wrong time may cause a delay in producing.  People who often daydream is creative, productive people. These people often think out of the box and come up with life changing ideas.  Daydreamers are usually the ones who find the best way to do things quicker, easier, and all around better.

I hope you enjoyed reading about the Myths and facts about dreams. Do come back again.

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Sunday, April 28, 2019

What is a Past Life Reading and the Benefits of Having a Past Life Reading?

What is a Past Life Reading?

A past life reading is when someone with a strong connection to the Universal Energies goes into a trance or deep meditative state.  They connect to your higher-self to help you have a better understanding of yourself.  Also, to help you have a better understanding of problems you may have in this lifetime.   Many fears, stresses,  and other problems cross over many lifetimes.

The person giving the past life reading usually sees it like a movie playing in their mind’s eye.  Sometimes they will only see bits and pieces of the movie like a coming attraction.  This is because what comes through to the person giving the reading is what you need the most and can fully deal with at the time of the reading. 

They can only do past life readings, one lifetime at a time.  There should be a significant amount of time between each past life reading.  Past life readings should be done at least three weeks apart.   This will give you time to take everything in and give you a better understanding of yourself.  If, you are working on healing problems that started in the past life the reading was about, this gives you time to heal.  

During a past life reading session,  the life is not picked by you or the person giving the reading.  The lifetime that comes through is automatic.  Usually, it comes through because of a current problem or situation that is going on in your life at the point the reading is being given.  The past life that comes through should help you have a better understanding of what is going on and why. You may be trying to learn a very important lesson and, need a little extra information to totally and fully understand the lesson and learn it. 

The past life that comes through in the session applies to your current life.   It should help you make sense of present time experiences and beliefs. They will help guide you and help you get through certain problems or blockages, you are going through in this lifetime. Or, help you have better self-awareness. 

Benefits of a Past Life Reading 

Have a better understanding of relationships
Help you discover your life purpose
May help your mental, spiritual, and physical health
May validate things you already know about yourself

Benefits of a Past Life Reading 

Having a past life reading done has several benefits.   The most important of these benefits is past life readings help you heal and grow.  A past life reading may also help with your karmic debt, transformation, and help you know your current life purpose.  There are also benefits  like self-awareness and spiritual growth and wellness.

Past Life Reading Help You Have a Better Understanding of Relationships

There are several benefits to having a past life reading done.  A past life reading can help you have a better understanding of your past and current relationships.  Some relationships can be difficult and draining.  Every relationship we have in every lifetime happens for a reason. There is a reason for every relationship, even people who seem to drain the life out of you are in your life for a reason. Here, one of the life lessons you may need to learn in this lifetime is how to protect your energy.

There are many souls on this planet and each one has a soul family, a twin soul or flame,  and many soul mates.  Having a past life reading done can help you to recognize these souls. Maybe, these souls have not entered your life yet.  When they do, you will recognize and understand why they have come into your life.

A Past Life Reading May Help You Discover Your Life Purpose

We are all on the Earth for a reason.  Even those who are here with disabilities are here for a reason.  One thing that a past life reading can help you with is learning your life purpose.  Signs of one’s life purpose is usually clear in one’s childhood but not always.  A past life reading may point out your life purpose directly or indirectly.  It all depends on your soul and your soul’s growth at the time of your past life reading.  

Some people seem to be born knowing what they want out of life.  They know where and how to get what they want.  Other people seem to be totally lost when it comes to knowing themselves.  And, there are many people in-between knowing themselves fully and not at all.  A past life reading can help give you insight to yourself.  It can help you have a better understanding of who you are and what you really want out of life. 

We go through many lifetimes and learn many things.  I have always believed there is a deeper reason for us learning the things we do.  Somehow what we learn here on Earth helps us in our work for God, on the other side.  A past life reading may help you tap into the lessons you have learned in your past lives.  It may give you access to abilities you did not even know that you had.   You may have studied something in many lifetimes and it comes easy to you in this lifetime. 

A past life reading will give you a different perspective on things.  It may help you think about your life challenges in different ways. A past life reading may even change the way you think and see yourself and others.  Many people have told me, after having a past life reading done, it changed their views and perspectives in certain areas of their lives. 

Past Life Readings May Help Your Mental, Spiritual, and Physical Health

A past life reading can help your mental, spiritual, and physical health.  A past life reading may help you clear away unresolved emotional issues. A past life reading may help you understand why you react to things they way you do.   We all have hopes and dreams, we should follow, as these often have to do with our life purpose.  We are all human beings and we often get in our own ways. Either self inflicted or because of those around us, we often develop fears and doubts.  These fears and doubts about ourselves often stop us from fulfilling our dreams.  Sadly, sometimes this lasts throughout one’s whole lifetime and becomes a lesson that must be learned in the next life.
Other souls somehow work through their fears and doubts often learning about themselves and others along the way.  They have a short diversion from their dreams. Learning life’s lessons and becoming stronger before they end up returning to their life path. They discover their life purpose and follow their dreams.

Some people are affected lightly by having a past life reading done.  It affects others more deeply and they have life-changing events happen because they had a past life reading.  How greatly one is affected by having a past life reading done depends on the strength and age of one’s soul.  They may have been waiting many lifetimes for these changes to take place. When these changes take place the soul is ready for them.

We never go through anything in life, we were not meant to go through.  We all have bad times in our lives.  We all have moments when we have to face things, we feel we are not strong enough to deal with.  But, in fact, we are never given a challenge, we can not get through.   It is all in the way we perceive things, our beliefs, and values that will get us through.   A past life reading can help you release old patterns and rebalance your energies.

Past Life Readings May Validate Thing

Having a past life reading done often may validate things you already know about yourself but you were not sure.   The past life reading may confirm your beliefs and understanding of the human soul.  We are all eternal spirits living on many planets and realms throughout our entire journey.  There are vast amounts of knowledge we need to become enlightened about on each of these planes. We go through many life and death circles, as death is only a purification process.  We renew all that we have learned and go over what we need to go through next before we enter a new body and a new world.

A past life reading will stimulate your spiritual growth and have a positive impact on your present life.   If you have been thinking about having a past life reading done?  I highly recommend you have a past life reading done.  I have received and given many past life readings.  In each case the person receiving the reading had been always grateful that they had a past life reading done.

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