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Wednesday, March 27, 2019

Death is a Part of Life

Death is a Part of Life

Death is a part of life.  In the past month death has visited me many times.  In early February I lost a dear friend of mine.  It was like losing a brother.  I went to high school with him and we have remained friends for over 35 years.  Not only did I lose my friend, but his wife also lost their oldest son.  It was not only hard on his wife, but myself.  My son lost a good friend.  And the world lost a young man with so much passion and love for art.  He would have gone far.

I could not do much because, I wanted to be there for my friend's wife.  She is a strong woman, but losing your husband and son at the same time would be hard for anyone.  I felt helpless because I wanted to help her, but I knew nothing would.  I needed to be there for my friend.

Death is a part of life.  In the past six weeks death has come many times.  I am a strong person.  But, I am only human.  I lost two dear friends and a kid that was like my son.   I also lost my beloved basset-dachshund.  I had to walk away from everything and let myself grieve for my losses.

Death is a part of life and is a new beginning for the souls that move onto the next realm.   Even people who have a healthy view of death still go through the grieving process.  Some people go through it faster than others.  It has taken me some time to get over my two friends.  But seeing a young man who was just starting out to leave this world.  That hit me hard.  It could have been my son, was my first thought.

Death is a Part of the Circle of Life

Death is a part of the circle of life.  Death for some is the end and for others it is a new beginning.  I am still mourning the loss of my friends.  I look at things a lot differently.    It has become very important to me, to make all of my dreams come true.  Or at least work on making them come true.  I have never been afraid to work hard.  But, now I will work even harder.  You never know when your time on Earth will end.  I plan on letting the world know I was here.  And so is the circle of life.

We are born.  We grow and learn.  We live and we love.  Along the way we gain new friends and lose old friends.  We see life and death every day.  I have learned from my friends' deaths.  I mourn them but I have also taken away something positive from it.  The deaths of my friends have given me back my fire and determination to get things done.  I thank them for that.  Death is just a part of the circle of life.  There can be good things that come from death, look for them.

Thank-you for reading and understanding,
             Mystic Brenda Marie

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  1. I understand. You take all the time you need.

  2. I knew there was something wrong, my friend, and I'm glad you were able to put it out here. I'm sorry for the losses you've suffered so closely together. However, I believe our souls were not made to grieve forever, but to rejoice in living. I also think the human spirit is too strong to just be "gone" when we die. I believe we are given a new life, when the one we are currently living is over. I know people think I'm a nutcase when I say that, but I intuitively feel it. And we may, in fact, come in contact with the same spirits we knew in this life. I hope and pray that you will have the gladness of recognizing former loved ones in the next life.