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Sunday, February 3, 2019

Why I Started Writing About Reiki!

Writing About Reiki

I love to write about Reiki.  I have been studying and practicing Reiki for over twenty years. I love to share what I have learned. There is only one thing that comes close to giving me the same amount of joy as practicing Reiki does, and that is writing.  It is my lifelong dream to make a living with my writing.  Writing about Reiki gives me great joy because I love sharing my wisdom with people.

Why I Started Writing About Reiki

I have been practicing and studying Reiki for a long time.  Over the course of time, I have realized, that not that many people even know what Reiki is.  Reiki is a spiritual healing practice that uses our universal connections to help us heal.

Writing about Reiki is great because there are so many different forms of Reiki I could write an article on each type of Reiki and write thousands of articles.  Each Reiki master adds their own wisdom and knowledge to Reiki, and a new form of Reiki is born.

More to Writing About Reiki

Reiki is a spiritual practice.  Some people who practice Reiki never treat anyone but themselves.  They use Reiki more like a meditation practice that heals.  Reiki involves balancing the chakras.  For many people balancing the chakras is a tough thing to do and they need help to do it.  Reiki is also about understanding the auras that are around the human body.  Understanding and using the universal energies and connections is amongst the many parts of Reiki healing.

Writing about Reiki is a lot of fun for me.  There are so many different things to write about when writing about Reiki.  I can choose from several different aspects of Reiki when I write about it.  There are so many things I can help people have a better understanding of when it comes to Reiki. The biggest reason for me writing about Reiki is that I love both writing and Reiki so much I just want to share it with everyone.

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  1. Do people put off one color of an Aura or is it by mood?

  2. There are many different colors in a person Aura. The colors change with mood and illness.

  3. I have seen many beautiful healings through Reiki. I am glad that you are writing about it!

    1. Reiki healing is a wonderful practice. I love writing about. I am bringing Reiki to people who may not otherwise learn about it.