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Tuesday, February 5, 2019

Guided by Universal Loving Light

Guided by Universal Loving Light

Guided by universal loving light. Let me explain what that means. The universal loving light is the light of God that is in every human being. I believe we are all born of God. People go bad and do bad things because of what they go through here on earth. I got proof of this, when my son, (who at the age of two) said, ” The Clouds are God’s artwork.”

We are all connected by the universal loving light that is the basic Reiki teaching. Using the energies of the universal loving light you can heal. Light workers, or anyone who uses this energy to help heal, believe it is a true gift from God. I have felt this amazing energy flowing through me many times. It is unlike anything I have ever felt before I studied Reiki. These energies feel differently to every person, whom gives and receives them.

Found My True Purpose Guided By the Universal Loving Light

I found my true purpose being guided by the universal loving light. All my life, I have had a love for writing. I have written articles on many subjects over the years. It wasn’t until I started the Spiritual Mystic blog and wrote about Reiki and other light work I felt whole. I had finally found my niche, however small it may be, writing about light work is what I do.

I am thrilled when I write about this subject. I have always been able to get things rolling much quicker than when I write about other things. Maybe, it is my love for both writing and The loving light that makes this possible. Or maybe it’s because when I write about light work, I am guided by the universal loving light.

Thank-you for reading.

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Sunday, February 3, 2019

Why I Started Writing About Reiki!

Writing About Reiki

I love to write about Reiki.  I have been studying and practicing Reiki for over twenty years. I love to share what I have learned. There is only one thing that comes close to giving me the same amount of joy as practicing Reiki does, and that is writing.  It is my lifelong dream to make a living with my writing.  Writing about Reiki gives me great joy because I love sharing my wisdom with people.

Why I Started Writing About Reiki

I have been practicing and studying Reiki for a long time.  Over the course of time, I have realized, that not that many people even know what Reiki is.  Reiki is a spiritual healing practice that uses our universal connections to help us heal.

Writing about Reiki is great because there are so many different forms of Reiki I could write an article on each type of Reiki and write thousands of articles.  Each Reiki master adds their own wisdom and knowledge to Reiki, and a new form of Reiki is born.

More to Writing About Reiki

Reiki is a spiritual practice.  Some people who practice Reiki never treat anyone but themselves.  They use Reiki more like a meditation practice that heals.  Reiki involves balancing the charkas.  For many people balancing the charkas is a tough thing to do and they need help to do it.  Reiki is also about understanding the auras that are around the human body.  Understanding and using the universal energies and connections is amongst the many parts of Reiki healing.

Writing about Reiki is a lot of fun for me.  There are so many different things to write about when writing about Reiki.  I can choose from several different aspects of Reiki when I write about it.  There are so many things I can help people have a better understanding of when it comes to Reiki. The biggest reason for me writing about Reiki is that I love both writing and Reiki so much I just want to share it with everyone.

If you would like more information on Reiki attunments, Reiki Healing or Past Life Reading or healings please contact Brenda  @ thespiritualmystic@yahoo.com

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Saturday, February 2, 2019

Do You Believe in Angels?

Do You Believe in Angels? 

Do you believe in Angels? I believe in Angels. I believe we have many angels all around us. I believe these angels help us in our daily lives. I think these angels send us messages all the time.

Angel Messages in Numbers 

Messages that the angels send us sometimes come in the form of numbers. Most of the time we don’t even realize when the angels are sending us messages. We notice numbers like 111, 1212, 666 all the time. We never realize that these numbers are messages from our angels.

Each number has it's own message from the angels. I have noticed these numbers all my life. It was about five years ago that I started to really pay attention to them. I would notice the same set of numbers coming up repeatedly. Although I have dappled in numerology, I didn’t know much about angel numbers and the messages behind each number. I had to do research on angel number messages. In all my research I have only come across a couple of sites that explain the messages behind the numbers.

Meanings of Angel Messages in Numbers 

I have found one site that explains the Angels messages behind each number. I love this site, and I use it as a reference site all the time. I visit the many several times a day. I visit when I notice the numbers and I want to know what they mean.

The site is Angel Numbers. Angel Numbers is a beautiful site by Joanna Sacred Scribes. She has other helpful sites. If you are interested in what the Angel numbers mean, visit Angel Numbers.

There are links to outside sites in this article.  I am no responsible for outside sites. I don't get any compensation for you clicking on the links.

I hope you enjoyed reading about Angel number messages. Have a great day.

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Blessed Be,

Mystic Brenda Marie