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Sunday, January 20, 2019

What is Gold Reiki?

What is Gold Reiki?

Gold Reiki like all forms of Reiki is about healing. Gold Reiki uses the universal energies of love to heal the heart. Most people do not realize that over our lifetimes the heart chakra is usually the one chakra that gets the most damaged. The heart chakra holds the pain of loss.  Gold Reiki is considered one of the most powerful forms of Reiki. Gold Reiki heals the whole body, but one of Gold Reiki’s main focus points is healing the heart.

Gold Reiki Healing the Heart

The heart chakra is one of the main seven chakras in the human body. Reiki is all about healing and aligning the chakras to heal the body, mind, and spirit. Death is a part of life and over our lifetimes, we will see death in one form or another. We will all suffer from the heart because of the loss of a person or pet, we are close to. This loss is felt most in the heart chakra. This type of pain can also do the most damage, sometimes taking the rest of the lifetime to heal and sometimes never fully healing.

Gold Reiki uses one of the most powerful energies to help heal the heart, the energies of universal love. Many spiritual healers believe love is the most powerful energy there is.  Universal love or the love of God is believed to be the most powerful form of pure energy that there is and it is used in spiritual healing all over the world.  This energy is seen as bright gold light with sparkles in it goes through the body healing it.  Gold Reiki is one of the most powerful forms of Reiki. Gold Reiki uses the power of universal love or God’s love to heal the chakras helping to heal the mind, body and soul.

Other Uses For Gold Reiki

While Gold Reiki’s main focus is on healing the heart chakra, it has many other uses.  Gold Reiki is one of the strongest forms of Reiki.  Gold Reiki can remove negative energies not only from the body, but also from places and objects. It is thought that Gold Reiki helps with enlightenment and self-awareness.

I hope you enjoyed reading about Gold Reiki and its main points of healing. Thank-you for reading.
                                     Blessed be,
                    Mystic Brenda Marie

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