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Thursday, January 17, 2019

My Spiritual Mystic Journey

My Spiritual Mystic Journey

My Spiritual Mystic Journey begins with Reiki.  My Guardian Angel is my grandfather. I have always known this. It was confirmed my grandfather was my guardian angel by a shaman named Peg. She was the person who introduced me to Reiki. She was the first of many people to let me know; I have healing hands.

I was twenty years old when I met Peg. She owned a little spiritual shop where I lived. When I first met Peg, I wanted badly to become a massage therapist. Peg told, me, I would become one, but I would end up being so much more than just a massage therapist.  I did not understand what she meant by telling me this.

Now over twenty years later, I understand what she meant by it. One of the first steps that many Reiki Masters take is becoming a massage therapist; as massage therapy uses the hands to heal.  And so, my Reiki journey began with Peg and going to massage school. 

I ended up going to massage therapy school after my father passed away. I mention this because it is he who always wanted me to follow my dream and become a massage therapist. He always encouraged me and told me I was great at massaging people. I felt his presence when I went to school. It was a feeling of his pride. That was 25 years ago.

Beginning My Reiki Journey

Reiki is feeling the universal energies flowing through you. Honestly, with practice, anyone can do this. Just feel the energy of the earth flowing into your body and filling you with its flow. Visualize the energies from the earth coming up through you starting at your feet and flowing right through the top of your head. For me, I could feel the universal energies flowing through me and my hands strong.

I practiced feeling this energy flow right after my first encounter with Peg. I believe she opened the chakras in my hands. At least, she made me aware of the chakras in my hands and their openings. Unofficially, Peg was my first Reiki Master; I thank her for all her help in my Reiki journey.

Lady Autumn was my first official Reiki Master. Lady Autumn trained me full in Usui Reiki. There are three levels of training that go into becoming an Usui Reiki Master, level 1, 2, and Master levels. I received my certification from her on April 14, 2008. I had finally become a certified Master and teacher of Reiki. It had taken me a long time to achieve my goals, due to financial reasons. You wouldn’t believe how much it cost to become a Reiki Master.

Gold Reiki was always at the top. Becoming a Gold Reiki Master was what I was shooting for but how was I going to get there. To become a Gold Reiki Master not only do you have to become an Usui Reiki Master you also have to go through Kundalini Reiki training. The cost of all of this training is high. I didn’t have the money for it. I am a person that never gives up. When I set my mind on something I will get or do it no matter how long it takes.

Well, don’t you know, it so happened that a fellow writer was a Gold Reiki Master. This wonderful man knows what it was like to want to become a Gold Reiki Master and not be able to afford the training for it. So as a gift not only to myself, but to others who have trained under him, he made this training affordable.

Nemrod Kedem helped me make my dreams come true. My Kundalini and Gold Reiki training were the most interesting and amazing training I had ever had. When one is attuned to the Reiki energies your mind, body and soul go through a healing process. You have an even stronger connection to the earth. I strongly felt these energies going on during my training with Master Kedem. It was stronger than any other energy I had ever felt before the Gold Reiki energy.

I finished my training with Master Kedem in 2015. I am very grateful to him for everything he has taught me. Gold Reiki is the most beautiful and amazing Reiki energy I have ever encountered. It changed my life. I thank Master Kedem for that. I officially become a Gold Reiki Master and trainer on September 16th, 2014.

What is a Spiritual Mystic?

Spiritual Mystic is a term I believe I have made up to describe myself to others.  I am a very spiritual person.  I meditate often.  I believe in angels, spirits and other entities.  I believe in a creator God.  I believe something connects us all and we affect each other's lives.

It is a blessing to have been able to study many religions.  Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism, Celtic, Alchemy and Japanese philosophies are just a few subjects that I have had the honor to experience. My grandfather once told me, there was truth in every religion, you had to look for it.  I guess, I held his words to be true and searched for that truth my whole life.

The Spiritual Mystic Blog

The Spiritual Mystic Blog is my way of sharing my wisdom, knowledge, and experiences with the world.  It is very important for everyone to share their spiritual journey as we can all learn from one another.  It is my hopes with this blog to help others on their journey.

I would like to thank all of my Reiki Masters and friends I have meant in my Reiki journey. I have learned so much over the years. I am sure I will continue to learn even more. Blessed Be to ALL THE LIGHT WORKERS OUT THERE.

Thank-you for reading about my Spiritual Mystic journey. I hope, you enjoyed it. I know I have enjoyed every moment of my wonderful journey with Reiki. May it continue for the rest of this lifetime and beyond!

            Blessed Be,

 The Spiritual Mystic  Brenda Marie

Photos and content by The Spiritual Mystic Brenda Marie ©2019 all right reserved


  1. Its wonderful to hear how you became a Reiki Master, I am so glad I met you, when you did the Gold Reiki for me I am amazed at how peaceful life is now, no more nightmares and no more negative feelings in the house. I cannot thank you enough for the help!

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