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Sunday, January 27, 2019

Different Meanings of Dreams About Death

Different Meaning of Dreams About Death 

Different Meanings of Dreams About Death 

Big change is coming into your life
Facing your fears
Spiritual transformation

When we dream it is our subconscious mind trying to tell us something.  It is our job to figure out what the subconscious wants us to know.  There are symbols in dreams that can help us figure out what the dreams mean.  In this article you will learn the different meanings for the symbol of death in dreams.

Most people fear the unknown; therefore, most people fear death. Death is really nothing to fear. Death is a transformation of the soul. We move from one realm to another.

When death pops up in our dreams, we believe it is a foretelling of death in our lives. This is not always true. Death in one’s dreams doesn’t mean death in the real world.

Dreams about death can have many meanings. It can mean a big change is coming in one’s life like the end of a job; the end of a way of thinking, or even you’re moving to a new home. Keep in mind the end of something isn’t always bad. We must break away from the old to let new opportunities in.   People resist change, but many times change is the best thing for us.

Dreams about death can even mean you are trying to face one of your fears. Sometimes, we fear losing loved ones.   Death isn’t the loss of a person.  They move on to another realm.  We need to remember that we are all connected and that connection doesn’t end when someone passes over. We get strength from facing our fears. Facing your fears is turning darkness into light.

Different Meanings of Dreams About Someone Else’s Death

Different Meaning of Dreams About Someone Else's Death

Need to End a Relationship
You Need to End or Are trying End Bad Patterns

If you dream of someone else’s death, it may mean that you wish to remove that person from your life. A person may be a bad influence on you or they may hold you back. It is not always easy to end any relationship.   Sometimes people drain you of your energy and you need to get them out of your life.  Sometimes we are unwilling to realize a relationship that needs to end. Dreaming of someone else’s death is a way of our subconscious trying to bring this knowledge to the conscious world.

Dreaming of someone else's death can mean you need to end or are trying to end bad patterns in your life.  We are all here to grow and learn. Many of us develop addictive or harmful patterns in our lives. We all come to a point where we realize we need to change these harmful patterns.  Depending on what is going on in the dream, dreaming of someone else's death can mean you are ready to give up these bad patterns.

I have had many dreams about my death throughout my lifetime. They have all happened during big life change or huge spiral transformations. You can discover my dreams about my death by reading Vision of My Death. Dreams that foretell you are going to through a spiritual transformation are vivid detailed dreams you have about yourself dying. There will be many spiritual signs and symbols in the dream. Some only you will understand.

Remember, dreaming about death doesn’t mean you or someone you know is about to die. Dreaming about death is nothing to fear and it can even be a good thing.

If you understand your own dreams and know what they mean to you; having a dream about death can be self-revealing.

The things that are going on in your life and the world around you effects what you dream about. Always remember you are the best person to interpret your dreams.  You know what the symbols mean to you.  This article is just a guide to help you have a better understanding of the symbol of death in dreams.

Thank-you for reading.  I hope this article gave you a better understanding of the meaning of death in dreams.

     The Spiritual Mystic Brenda Ma

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