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Wednesday, January 30, 2019

How Can Past Life Therapies Help You in this Lifetime?

How Can Past Life Therapies Help You in this Lifetime?

Past life therapies can help you in this lifetime.  You may ask yourself, how could past life therapies help me in this life?  Do you lack self-confidence?  Do you have unexplainable fears?  Have you ever met someone you instantly hated?  Is there an unknown something stopping you from making your dreams come true?  Past life therapies may help with these and many more.

We all have a soul.  Souls vary in age.  Some people have young souls while others have old souls and everything in between.   The older your soul the more people you have interacted with over your many lifetimes.  Soul healing only begins when your soul is ready to face the problems or wounds and be healed.

Have you ever met someone and instantly hated them or they hated you?  You may think there is no reason for the feelings, but maybe you have known this person in a past life and had problems with them you are now ready to face.  They could be a lot of Karmic debt between the two of you and you are ready to heal and grow as souls.

Past Life Therapies May Help Build Your Self-Confidence

Past life therapies may help you build self-confidence.  You might lack self confidence because of past life traumas.  What I mean by past life traumas is powerful people in your past lives may have diminished your self-confidence.  They could have done this over many lifetimes.  Even in this lifetime, I am sure you have run into at least one person who has belittled you.  When this happens over many lifetimes,  it becomes a past life trauma.   In some past life therapies, the therapist will through hypnosis, trace, or meditation take you back to the first lifetime where this trauma started.

There is an old saying. “You are your own worst enemy.”  Meaning you hurt yourself or block your dreams from coming true.  Sometimes this is because of a lack of self- confidence.  Other times you may block your dream because you hate yourself.  Yes, I said, hate yourself.  Believe me, I have dealt with many people who hate themselves because of things that happened in past lives and they were not even aware of it.

Past Life Therapies May help You Overcome Fears

If you have an old soul, I can tell you right now you have fears that have built up over your past lives.  All old souls do even if they don’t understand why or how.  Old souls have gone through a lot in their many lifetimes.   At some point everyone realizes that they need some past life therapy.  This usually starts with an interest in past life readings.  Past life readings help us become more self-aware.  When we become more self-aware, we realize our soul wounds and want to heal them. The first soul wounds that appear are fears.  Some people heal their fears by having a past life reading done.  Just the knowledge of how the fears started can start the healing process.  Some people use Reiki to help them heal past life traumas.

There are many other ways that past life therapies can help you in this lifetime.  I could write several books on the subject of past life therapies and how they help you heal in this lifetime.  I hope this article gives you a basic idea of,  some of the more common ways that past life therapies help you heal in this lifetime.

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  1. I know we did not get ALL the way into my passed lives but I feel like an old soul. The one you did see and tell me about made a lot of sense.

    Pinned and flipped.

    1. Thank-you. Yes,when we both have time we should really get into it.