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Sunday, December 30, 2018

Why is Spiritual Protection Needed?

Why is Spiritual Protection Needed?

We have all meant or known someone, who seemed to be surrounded negativity energies.  Sometime people who come in contact with these types of people absorb the negative energy.  Sometimes people do not realize they are absorbing these negative energies. Spiritual protection is a way of guarding and protecting yourself from these energies.

Have you ever walked into a building and something just did not feel right?  Buildings hold the energies of what happens in them.  Yes, building can hold negative energies.  Using Spiritual Protection  practices can help  remove and transmute these energies.

Even objects can hold negative energies.  Therefore, it is so important to know, what you are buying when you get things second hand.  Jewelry is a great conductor of energies, either positive or negative.  So, be careful when buying things from yard sales.  There are Spiritual protection practices that can change the energies.  But, you have to,  know what you are doing.  Knowing how to detect and change or remove the energies take time and practice.

Animals are very good at knowing negative energies.  Have you ever taken your dog for a walk and they suddenly stopped walking and barked?  Your dog is warning you about something or someone.

Spiritual Protection is something that everyone needs to learn, but few people even think about it.  I have taken upon myself to share with you all that I know about Spiritual protection through my articles.  This is the first of many I will be writing.  Thank you for reading.                                 
Mystic Brenda Marie

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  1. Yes! I do believe. I just packed up some inherited items and since I did I now have a sense of good air in the house.

    At one time, when I worked for this lady and I took her to the antique flea market, I could feel , and/or smell the spirit all around their things that were being sold. I did not go into that booth.

    1. There are some people who are very sensitive to these energies and others who are not. I have have always been very sensitive to them.