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Friday, December 21, 2018

Understanding Lucid Dreams

Understanding Lucid Dreams 

Have you ever had a dream that seemed like it was so real you lived it? Have you ever been able to control what you were dreaming about? Have you ever thought you could smell, touch, or feel something you were dreaming about? If you have ever experienced any of these things, you are most likely having a lucid dream.

A lucid dream is a dream where you know you are in a dream state. You know you can control what is going on in the dream. You can decide about what happens in the dream. You can focus on any aspect of the dream you wish. You somehow have a complete understanding of the dream. You can identify, focus and change different aspects of the dream as you wish.

Enjoy Lucid Dreams

Some people really enjoy having lucid dreams. They can control the dream. They find it interesting and helpful, to control the dream. All dreams are trying to make us aware something we are not. Lucid dreams are useful in helping people becoming more self-aware. One amazing thing about lucid dreams is that people remember them in great detail.

Lucid dreams can be very useful in helping people solve problems.  Using a lucid dream, you can go over a problem many times.  You can see what works best using  lucid dreaming.

Nothing to Fear About Lucid Dreams

There are people out there, who are afraid of lucid dreams, or perhaps they just don’t enjoy having them. For those people, there are different things you can do to stop having lucid dreams. Lucid dreams are nothing to fear. If you are not comfortable having them, then you can stop lucid dreams from happening to you. Know even lucid dreams are trying to bring something to the conscious world for you, to have a better understanding of yourself.

Not all people who have lucid dreams can completely control everything going on in the dreams. There are different levels of awareness and control during lucid dreams. On the highest level of lucid dreams, you are aware and can control things. At lower levels of lucid dreaming, awareness and control is less.

Remember lucid dreams are natural. There is nothing wrong with having lucid dreams. Lucid dreams are normal. Like any other dream, nothing about a lucid dream can harm you. The only real difference between a lucid dream and an ordinary dream is the dreamer’s awareness.

Thank-you for reading,

         Mystic Brenda Marie



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