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Saturday, December 29, 2018

Three Reasons People Fear Death

Three Reasons People Fear Death

Death is something that most people dislike talking about.  We all know we will die someday.  But we want to put it in the back of our minds.  We dislike talking about death or thinking about it.  Only when someone close to us dies do we choose to talk about death.  I want to change people’s views about death, so they don’t fear death. Death is nothing to fear.  Death is only a transformation of the conscious mind.

There are three basic reasons people fear death. These fears about death can be overcome with a better understanding.  The way to get a better understanding of the death process is to talk about it. The more we talk about death the more comfortable we will be with it.

Three Reasons People Fear Death

Fear of Pain
Fear of how their loved ones will get along without them
Fear of what happens after death


Here are the three reasons most people fear death.

People fear death because they don’t like being in pain. Who likes pain? No one!  We all associate pain with the death process. This is because the disease causes pain and death, in most cases.  The more comfortable a human being is at the time of death the easier the death process is for them. Changes are taking place in this area every day.

More and more people are opting to die in their own homes with their loved ones around them. There is a huge demand for hospice nurses that will go to a home during a death. There is also a strong uprising in the pain management field.  Reiki for the dying is another helpful option people are using to help ease the pain of death.  Reiki helps people and the families’ deal with the pain that is all too often accompanied by the death process.

The second reason people fear death is because they fear how their loved ones will get along without them. We all play huge roles in certain people's lives. Worrying about how these people will move on without you in their lives, is a normal part of death. It is part of letting go.

For some people, this is the hardest part of the death process. Many people will fight until they cannot anymore because they are afraid of what will happen to their loved ones.  Reiki for the dying also helps with this raising the awareness of the dying person.  Raising awareness helps ease these worries.

The third reason people fear death is because they do not understand what will happen to their soul. Fear of the unknown is common.  This is where religion plays a huge role in one’s life, at the end.  Many people believe whatever one believes is what will happen when you die.

These days there are thousands of books and articles written on the subject of death. You can find as many as you desire to read based on your religious beliefs and spiritual background.  Many people overcome their fears about death watching their loved ones die.

Not all experts agree on the details of what happens during the death process, but they agree on major points of the death process. Everyone agrees that the soul leaves the body at some point. We go over the life we lived. We go through a purification process. And, lastly, we reunite with our loved ones who have passed before us.

I hope this article has helped you understand why some people fear death.

                                              Love and Light,
                                                       Mystic Brenda Marie

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