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Friday, December 28, 2018

Reiki Reduces Stress

Reiki Reduces Stress

Reiki treatments are an excellent way to reduce stress. One thing I love about Reiki is, Reiki is a great way to reduce stress. I know many people who suffer from stress disorders. I am very grateful that I can help them by giving them Reiki treatments.

Witnessing Reiki Reduce Stress 

Throughout my time of doing Reiki, I have witnessed the positive effects it has had on many people. One of the most unusual things is witnessing Reiki reduce stress. I have been giving treatments to people who suffer from social anxiety. I have witnessed people go from borderline panic attack to being calm after they have been given Reiki; this is one of the greatest pleasures I get from practicing Reiki.

Using Reiki to Reduce Stress for Friends and Family 

Stress is a huge deal these days.  Sadly, many people suffer from stress disorders. I am sure everyone out there knows, at least, one person who suffers from such a disorder, if you don’t. I have many family members who suffer from a verity of different stress disorders. Knowing I can help them deal with their disorders is very gratifying.

I have taught family members how to give self- Reiki treatments. They have had great success using Reiki to help reduce their stress. While Reiki may not work all the time and for everyone, it is a well know fact that using Reiki along with other therapies helps reduce stress for many people.

I have felt the effect of Reiki for myself. I have given myself Reiki treatments during times of low and high stress. I can honestly say Reiki helps reduce stress.

Examples of Reiki Helping Reduce Stress

Here are three examples how I used Reiki to help someone I care about deal with stress. 

Example 1

My sister and I were working for the same company.  Her job was very stressful.  She was dealing with complaints and other customer issues.  There were many people we worked with that, would say my sister would calm down just from me looking at her.  What they did not know, is that I would give my sister Reiki treatments every time we crossed paths. Reiki is energy healing and clearing away negitive energies helps reduce stress.

Example 2

A dear friend of mine suffers from bad panic attacks.  I mean the poor thing can’t breathe and sometimes blacks out from the panic attacks.  My friend takes medication for them, but it does not always work.  Teaching my friend Reiki to help with the panic attacks worked great.  The blackouts stopped and Reiki helps her stay calm.  It was just a matter of teaching her a technique that worked for her.

Example 3

My son has had anxiety all of this life.  When he was very young,  he had panic attacks. He also suffers from sensory disorders.  They have tried for years to find something that would help my son.  I taught my son Reiki  and mediations after which he has never had another panic attack.  He uses Reiki often when he gets stressed and if help quite a bit.  

 Many people I know and love have benefited from using Reiki to help deal with their stress. Using Reiki along with other treatment greatly reduced panic attacked.  Always remember to check with your doctor before using any type of treatment for stress and anxiety. Try Reiki you may find you enjoy doing it daily.

I hope you enjoyed reading about how Reiki helps reduce stress. 
Blessed me, 
   Mystic Brenda Marie

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